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    BY ALSTON CHASE, 1995 Life is full of surprises. For example, for years people called me an “environmental journalist.” But last month I was suddenly informed that I’m not. Such was the conclusion of the Society of Environmental Journalists, which arbitrates such matters. This organization recently considered, and rejected, my application for full-fledged “active” membership, granting me the lesser “associate” status instead. Not that I was terribly disappointed. I joined mainly to...

    Indians May Offer Solution to Wolf Problem

    By Alston Chase Who said politicians aren’t carnivorous? Just as Republicans reach the top of the political food chain, out West, folks find themselves distracted by more old-fashioned predators: wolves and Indians. Packs of salivating interest groups are gnawing over the carcass of Yellowstone National Park, and who emerges with the biggest bones after this dismemberment will tell us a lot about the alpha males and females in Washington, DC For nearly two decades, new settlers in the...


    Abundant Wildlife Society of North America 12665 Hwy. 59 N. Gillette, WY 82716 Dear Friends: As you are well aware, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on wolf recovery in Yellowstone Park and central Idaho has been released and, not surprisingly, it recommends transplanting wolves in Yellowstone and central Idaho. That obviously is not the desire of the people of Wyoming, Idaho or Montana, but rather outsiders who seek to push their agenda upon us. And, they have the U. S. Fish and...

    Speak Up America Women’s League

    It will take awhile for me to produce an outline that would lead to solidifying SUAWL, but for now I would like any of you to just comment with a Yes or No so I can see how much interest there is.

    The Medical Hoax of the Century

    Editorial By Chuck Diaz This article was originally published in the Tucson Citizen and the March issue of Speak Up America in 1992. It was a shortened version with half the information. In May of 2003 I posted it when current events, a book Harmful to Minors promoting pedophilia had been published by the University of Minnesota and given some kind of award by the Los Angeles Times. Bill O’Reilly presented his objections to the University of Minnesota publishing the book on his show The O’Reilly...

    A Letter to a NFL Player

    Via Email, author unknown You graduated high school in 2011.  Your teenage years were a struggle.  You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  Your mother was the leader of the family and worked tirelessly to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate.  Academics were a struggle for you and your grades were mediocre at best. The only thing that made you stand out is you weighed 225 lbs. and could run 40 yards in 4.2 seconds while carrying a football.   Your best friend was just like...

    Where’s the Proof in Syria?

    UPDATE September 30th 2017 – OOAN TV Had a special report this afternoon on Syria, Asad, the rebels and gas attacks. It is a damning report on the world wide accepted “Asad did it” thought. If anything this report proves what I was asking back in 2103 about “Where;s the Proof in Syria” I think our president was tricked into believing the BS story about Asad when he launched the 59 cruise missiles. He can’t be making mistakes like that. He ran on staying out of...

    Economic Lessons from American History

    By JOHN STEELE GORDON The following is adapted from a lecture delivered on February 27, 2012, aboard the Crystal Symphony during a Hillsdale College cruise from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. AMERICA is still a young country. Only 405 years separate us from our ultimate origins at Jamestown, Virginia, while France and Britain are 1,000 years old, China 3,000, and Egypt 5,000. But what a 400 years it has been in the economic history of humankind! When the Susan Constant, Discovery, and Godspeed...

    1992 Salt Lake City Speech – Audio

    Invited by the Blue Ribbon Coalition I spoke at their convention in Salt Lake City. I was scheduled to speak before Senator Steve Symms of Idaho who was the featured speaker. Not very many people had planned to come to my speech but as it turned out the article in the SLC Tribune caused everyone to show up. I spoke to a packed room of about 250 people.

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