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    1992 Eco-Times Interview


    SUANEWS — MAY 25th to MAY 31st

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    This interview could have happened today!

    1983 – 1984 Toronto GI and GMD International

    After my promotion to corporate systems analyst my first assignment was to assist the GI Plant in Toronto Canada. The actual time span for what you’re about to read it April 1983 to July 1984. GI Toronto was where they manufactured the GI Cable TV box and hand held controller. I was to help them implement an IBM Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software package called MAPICS. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a methodology for determining material, parts and assembly requirments...


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    1953 – 1955 Fremont, Work and a Woman — Part 1

    In the last Chapter I talked about my mom and Tony breaking up for the last time. But before we say good bye to him here’s one last note about Tony, my step dad. The last time I saw Tony was late 53 or early 54 when he showed up drunk on his ass.  I think it was shortly after the last break up he and my mom had.  He came into the house, picked up the coffee table with one hand and hit each of the four the legs, breaking them off.  He tore the refrigerator door off the fridge and then he put...

    1953 – 1955 Fremont, Work and a Woman — Part 2

    During all these months, from the day I started work as a produce man I never missed a day of school.  Onetime I went directly to school after a night out, still dressed in my uncle’s suit, with no sleep and barely making it. I only did that once, but once was enough. Even though I thought the kids in school were kids, I still wanted to be accepted by them and there were rumors that I was a drug addict because of my love for jazz and that morning I showed up half in the bag. I was taking a college...

    1949 – 1952 The Junior High Years Part 2

    At least two summers, when I was about eleven, I went to visit my Aunt Bea, Uncle Al and their kids for a couple of weeks in San Francisco.  Bea and Al had met at the Trianon Ballroom in Southgate during the war when Al Meschi was in the Navy. They were married almost immediately after the war in 1946. Uncle Al and Aunt Bea On my first summer in San Francisco I joined the Portola Branch of the San Francisco Boys Club and on one occasion I got a chance to learn a bit about the media. In those days,...

    1952 – 1952 Fremont High School

       Fremont High School 1952 The first day at Fremont was very memorable for me. It was the first time I was in a school that had about 30% black kids.  I had never been in a school with so many and I was scared shitless of them.  Mainly because I didn’t have one friend in school who could back me up. I was on my own, AND, since we had moved to East 88th Place I was always being chased by a car full of black teenagers a lot older than I was. Luckily the alleys provided some safety because...

    1952 – 1953 Learning to Work

    Working at the Food Palace I learned how to trim lettuce, celery, corn, cabbage and the rest.  I learned how to set up and tear down the wet stand, how to stack apples and all the beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables demanded by Pancho.  (The wet stand is the display that holds all the vegetables that had to be sprayed with water during the day, there were no refrigerated stands like today). Back then a Produce Department was a career for men and a respected trade. The crap job was to work...

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