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The Watts Riots, Ferguson and the Communist Party? — NAW!

Editor’s Comment: Protestors in Ferguson, MO and New York City this week triggered my memory about the communists in Los Angeles during the L.A. Riots following the Rodney King trial. Yes COMMUNISTS! I wrote the following article in 1992 and updated it in 2004. The original was written after the Rodney King riots in Watts, South Central Los Angeles. And now Ferguson is the target. Stirring Up Trouble Communist Involvement in America’s Riots by Chuck Diaz During Hitler’s reign as dictator...

The Medical Side of Immigration 1909-1911

Editor’s Comment: I found the following while surfing the internet for information on immigration. You might find it interesting enough to read the attitude towards immigration back in the early 1900′s.  This is powerful stuff! by Dr. Alfred C. Reed Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service New York City Popular Science Monthly, Vol. lXXX, Apil 1912, pp. 384-390 Perhaps no question is of more paramount and continuing interest to the American people than immigration...


by  Michael Cutler, Senior Special Agent, INS (Ret.), CAPS Senior Fellow, 2011   We have often been told that “America was built by immigrants.” Certainly our nation has been one of the most welcoming nations in the world if not the most welcoming nation. Annually, the United States grants lawful immigrant status to more than 1.1 million aliens — immediately placing them on the pathway to United States citizenship. The issue is that those who advocate open borders and unlimited immigration...


In order to increase my ability to notify the members of Speak Up America we have DELETED all current members/users and ask you to re-join to continue to read and respond, if you choose to. You may re-join any time after 11:00 PM November 3, 2014 Tucson, Arizona time. When you join, you will need to identify the numbers and/or letters to be able to join, create a user name and a password. This new change will allow the notification portion of the system to let you know when a new article has been...

Seldom Heard Quotes — Added 2014

  Posted 11/29/2014 Arguing the destruction of the ozone layer on the basis of one day’s, or a few weeks’, data is a bit like announcing the comeback of retail on evidence that takes Neiman-Marcus’s receipts from the day before Christmas and annualizes them.“ Press Release: “Ozone Hole,” Review and Outlook The Wall Street Journal, February 28, 1992 Our blundering senators hastily passed an amendment, 96 to 0, demanding that the ban on CFC’s be moved up. The President signed the...

Big News About

I have been on working my butt off building my new studio for SUANews-TV!!!!!! Soon I will change writing about the issues to you being able to watch me talk about the subjects. WOW!!!! Keep watching on this site for the new SUANews-TV!!!!!!  

Immigration Gumballs

The short video you are about to watch was made back in 1999 and some of what David Frum is saying has already come true, but what you MUST UNDERSTAND is he is talking about LEGAL immigration. The numbers he shows you DO NOT include ILLEGAL immigration.   For more about this and a updated 2010 version go to  

Seeing is Believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short video is worth billions of dollars if it can help stop the madness over CO2.  

Dr Rossiter, Dr Ball, DDT and ME

Editor’s Comment: I was prompted to write this article after reading Dr. Tim Ball’s guest opinion on Anthony Watts great blog, WATTS UP WITH THAT (WUWT). Dr. Ball was pretty harsh on Dr. Caleb Rossiter in his opinion piece: Caleb Rossiter – Missing In Action, Johnny-Come-Lately, Faux Victim, Political Tunnel Vision, or All-Of-The-Above? If you read the Comments to the article, most people didn’t like the way Dr Ball stated his position concerning Dr. Rossiter, but Dr. Ball is...

Lake Superior Water Level Sees Fastest Rise in 98 Years

Editor’s Comment: I originally saw this first reported on Dr Roy Spencer’s blog and when I read it I immediately grabbed my IPad and told Siri to, “Google the area of Lake Superior.” I was amazed at the answer, 31,700 square miles! That’s about the size of South Carolina and the water level has risen FOURTEEN INCHES? I then told Siri to calculate how many gallons of water 14 inches over 31,700 square miles was. Siri provided locations that provided four or five different...

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