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Prof. Peter Singer on Abortion

‘Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons’; therefore, ‘the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee.’ Peter Singer, Practical Ethics, 1st ed. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979), 122–23 In 1993, ethicist Peter Singer shocked many Americans by suggesting that no newborn should be considered a person until 30 days after birth and that the attending physician should kill...

Big News About

I have been on working my butt off building my new studio for SUANews-TV!!!!!! Soon I will change writing about the issues to you being able to watch me talk about the subjects. WOW!!!! Keep watching on this site for the new SUANews-TV!!!!!!  

Immigration Gumballs

The short video you are about to watch was made back in 1999 and some of what David Frum is saying has already come true, but what you MUST UNDERSTAND is he is talking about LEGAL immigration. The numbers he shows you DO NOT include ILLEGAL immigration.   For more about this and a updated 2010 version go to  

Seeing is Believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short video is worth billions of dollars if it can help stop the madness over CO2.  

Dr Rossiter, Dr Ball, DDT and ME

Editor’s Comment: I was prompted to write this article after reading Dr. Tim Ball’s guest opinion on Anthony Watts great blog, WATTS UP WITH THAT (WUWT). Dr. Ball was pretty harsh on Dr. Caleb Rossiter in his opinion piece: Caleb Rossiter – Missing In Action, Johnny-Come-Lately, Faux Victim, Political Tunnel Vision, or All-Of-The-Above? If you read the Comments to the article, most people didn’t like the way Dr Ball stated his position concerning Dr. Rossiter, but Dr. Ball is...

Lake Superior Water Level Sees Fastest Rise in 98 Years

Editor’s Comment: I originally saw this first reported on Dr Roy Spencer’s blog and when I read it I immediately grabbed my IPad and told Siri to, “Google the area of Lake Superior.” I was amazed at the answer, 31,700 square miles! That’s about the size of South Carolina and the water level has risen FOURTEEN INCHES? I then told Siri to calculate how many gallons of water 14 inches over 31,700 square miles was. Siri provided locations that provided four or five different...


Seeking the Truth about Man Made Global Warming – Part 2 Editor’s Comment: I think most people will agree that our school system has been dumbing down our children or indoctrinating them to a social collective thought process. I have also wondered if that would eventually affect our teachers, doctors, engineers, journalists and scientists. I believe it has. IMHO. I am currently reading an excellent book, “Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies About Climate Change” [Kindle Edition] by John Spooner...

Seeking the Truth about Man Made Global Warming – Part 1

Editor’s Comment: Over this past weekend my wife and I travelled to Los Angeles for some fun and relaxation. While there I met a Delta Airline pilot and being a pilot myself, we struck up a conversation. At first it was about aircraft and flying and it morphed to man made global warming. My new pilot friend totally believes that man made CO2 is causing the earth to heat up. I, of course, disagreed. I asked him to search for evidence of his belief and yesterday he sent me this link,

Give Iraqi’s Their Autonomy

Editor’s Comment: I researched and wrote this article asome time before 2003. I republishing it again so you can read a bit about the history. I have not edited the original or updated it in any way. Give Iraqi’s Their Autonomy By C Howard Diaz Since the American Revolution, the purpose of war has been a fight for freedom. Our forefathers declared freedom as an American’s unalienable right.  And as such, have inspired our outlook on protecting or gaining freedom and other human rights...

European Union Faces Huge Election Setback

European Union Faces Huge Election Setback by C Howard Diaz I learned a new word today, just when I thought I had heard them all. The new word is Eurosceptic. Guess what it means. It is anyone or any party of people who don’t believe in the European Union. Can you imagine that? Has any American citizen been told that there are such people as Eurosceptics? I don’t think so. Why would anyone be Eurosceptic? Well they are those silly people who believe in national pride, national boundaries and...

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