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    BY DR. JANE ORIENT Once the subject of a grade B science- fiction movie, the Blob has reappeared on the news wires and in science journals. This “Menace of Mass Destruction” arose from our cherished appliances [refrigerators and air conditioners], just as the “threat of nuclear annihilation seems to be fading” (Arizona Republic 2/11/92). The Blob is made of “ozone-eating chemicals, principally chlorofluorocarbons, or CFC’s [e.g. Freon],” which have been “found...

    Fifty Difficult Things You Can Do to Save the Earth

    This list, a collective effort by members of various U.S. environmental groups at the invitation of Earth Island Journal, was compiled and edited by Gar Smith, the journal’s editor. I published this back in a 1992 edition of Speak Up America, the newsletter. It would be funny if it weren’t what they really want. Believe it. Fifty Difficult Things You Can Do to Save the Earth Bury your car. Become a total vegetarian. Grow your own vegetables. Have your power lines disconnected. Don’t...

    A Love Story

    Tonight, for New Year’s Eve, December 31st 2017 my wife and I decided to spend the night at The Ventana Canyon Resort Canyon Hotel in Tucson Arizona. The Ventana Canyon is a five-star resort hotel with two golf courses that my wife and I have played many times. I’m not bragging, but the room for the night was $325.00 We arrived at about 6:00 PM, checked in and went directly to the bar. I gave the bus boy a tip to take our one piece of luggage to our room. Whenever I go to a bar on New Year’s...