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    Hillary’s Rambling on Facebook

    During an interview last week with an Indian news publication, I was asked about 2016, and whether Trump is the “virus” or a “symptom” of something deeper going on in American society. Like most Americans, people overseas remain shocked and dismayed at what they are witnessing daily. My first instinct was to defend Americans and explain how Donald Trump could have been elected. I said that places doing better economically typically lean Democratic, and places where there is...

    Rest In Peace Mockingbird

    Mockingbird, who’s real name was Doris Erickson, passed away at 2:30am 3/15 due to complications from lung cancer. This is her husband Chris. I felt that her friends here would want to know. She was the most brilliant, compassionate, loving, logical and beautiful woman I have ever known and I am missing her dreadfully.

    **BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING — Mar 15th to Mar 21st **

    _____________________________ Recipe Page SEPP SEPP Articles and Links are for those of you who are serious about hearing from true science ________________________ ___________________________________ SUA will be posting the Series, Why We Fight by Frank Capra. One Chapter a week.

    California Isn’t the Only Place Stupid Decisions Are Made

    All Made By Politicians   By Chuck Diaz 1992 While the media continues to blame California’s problems on defense cutbacks, they fail to mention the true causes of what have led to the “welfare states” demise. I don’t intend to downplay the fact that there have been defense cutbacks, but the straw that broke the California business’s back is far more than just defense. In previous issues of Speak Up America, I have pointed out that excessive environmental regulations...

    The Hays Code, Our Constitution and What’s Right

    by Chuck Diaz Back in the beginning days of Hollywood movies there was a Code, The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 (Hays Code), that required filmmakers to follow certain standards when producing a film that would be shown to American audiences. It was actually put into effect around 1933. From Wiki, “Many felt the movie industry had always been morally questionable.[3] Political pressure was increasing, with legislators in 37 states introducing almost one hundred movie censorship bills...


    by Chuck Diaz   Having been born before World War Two, I’ve often wondered who or what was responsible for the mess America is in today. I’ve concluded the generation immediately following mine, the children born after 1945 and their children are the culprits. Yep, the baby boomers. THEY started it when THEY were teenagers in the sixties and have kept it up as THEY became the academics, intellectuals and politicians. THEY fought the establishment, our establishment. THEY brought on the sexual...