Has there ever been a time in history

when a U.S. President has been treated with less respect by the opposition party?

Answer by Chuck Diaz, Editor SUAnews.com

I’ve been alive since FDR and there has never been such made up attacks coordinated with the left wing media. The Democrats, Deep State, Swamp establishment have severely damaged our federal government, but Trump will continue his Constitutional path. He is America’s only hope against the globalist elite central bankers of the world.

That’s who Democrats represent, the Global Banking Cartel. Some of the EU nations like Germany and France are consumed by the globalists, but more EU nations are voting to save their nations. BREXIT is the UK’s way of breaking away and that’s why the Global Banking Cartel are having fits and going after president Trump the way they are. They are losing control and Trump has stopped them. He wants America first as should the leaders of their own countries.