1993 Washington DC Speech

I was asked to speak at a meeting of prominent American’s who were linked to what was then called, “The Wise Use” movement. There were over 2500 small organizations that had sprung up over property rights when the people believed our rights to be in jeopardy. Some were off road or hunting groups who believed the EPA, the DOJ and the Clinton Administration were a threat to America.

The banning of DDT and then the ALAR scare was the battle cry of the environmental groups as they received millions of dollars in their march to end our industrial America. Greenpeace made millions with a phony documentary about baby seal hunting and were banned in Norway. The spotted owl helped Clinton destroy the Northwest logging industry and people were getting involved.

It may have been 1992, 1993, or even 1994 when I made the speech and in it I asked, “Who Speaks For Science?” But I open talking about the Watts riots, thugs, criminals and false media coverage.

You will notice you won’t see the presentation screens, but because I read them out loud it doesn’t make a difference. In all, the speech is :49 minutes long, I hope you take the time to listen and comment.