The Enemy Within

Editor’s Note: The Enemy Within here is not to be confused with the book of the same name by an author in Australia. This is from my book “A Charter of Negative Liberties, Defining the Bill of Rights and Other Commentary.” It is the first Commentary in that section of the book

If you have visited the world socialist website, you now know there is no conspiracy involved with the One World Environmental Socialist movement. For it to be a conspiracy, it would have to be done in secret.

But the following quote says a lot about how our enemy feels about what they are doing.                       

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of “liberalism” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
Norman Thomas, Former Presidential Candidate, Socialist Party of America

The socialists of the world have many goals to accomplish, but if I were trying to identify one goal that represents all the others or the one goal closest to the true socialist agenda, it would be the reduction of the amount of available money the average American has to spend as he sees fit.

It must make socialists drool when they receive the spending figures for America in a given year. It must also give them an incentive to dream up more ways of getting the average Americans to part with more of their money. There is more than one way to achieve this goal, but no matter how it is done or what it is called, it is a tax.

The Democrats’ insistence on dividing America with class warfare and thinking larger government is the solution to all our problems approaches being un-American. The Democratic Party is the second largest socialist origination in the world, second only to Communist China.

There is no room in America for socialism. Socialism distributes wealth; it is un-American. Americanism rewards achievers with wealth. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government authority to redistribute wealth. Therefore, any redistribution question is deferred to the states and the people.

When a socialist like the president  makes an appearance to promote a national health plan, he typifies the epitome of a king talking about how he must take care of his peasants. That is exactly what the elite socialists believe; they must take care of the peasants because the peasants cannot take care of themselves. By doing this, they perpetuate the true prejudice they have for “the peasants.” The welfare state will keep them in their place. There is no room for achievers in socialism; and what perks you do get, you only get when you become one of them—one of the socialist elites.

According to the Time magazine, in 1960 only nine percent of the American people had health care coverage. In 1990, eighty-seven percent did, and the Democrats wanted to define that as a crisis so they could embarrass President Bush.

Bill Clinton repeatedly stated that the middle class paid more taxes in the 1980s than in any other time in history. He was correct, but what he did not tell us is that it was because more middle-class Americans were working. The number of people paying taxes was greater because more of them were working.

He also claimed that the average hourly pay went down in the 1980s. Right again, although he did not explain why. If you have two men on a payroll and one is making $10.00 an hour and the other $20.00 an hour, the average pay is $15.00. If you hire two more employees for $10.00 an hour, the average hourly wage drops to $12.50. So while Mr. Clinton’s claims about the average wage going down were true, it was because of the signs of good times, not bad times. That is how far off the Democratic Party is from understanding the reality of life in America.

The Democratic credo is taking from those who succeed and use it to run the lives of those who do not. They insist on programs that would turn Beverly Hills into a ghetto instead of turning a ghetto into Beverly Hills. And it is a lot easier to do it when your moral values allow you to put your party in front of America.

The Democrats believe our tax laws are not fair. They do not know the definition of fair. Fair is when everyone pays the same percentage of their income regardless of how much they make. This means if the tax rate were fifteen percent, a person making $20,000 a year would pay $3,000 and a person making $200,000 would pay $30,000. That is fair!

But the Democrats want to punish success and take more from the people who achieve more. That is what it is: punishment. Why should anyone who makes more pay a higher percentage? Because they have it? This is unfair. Try telling that to Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid. Why do they think it is fair to tax achievers at a higher rate? Why do they insist on punishing those who achieve the American dream they are always talking about?

They also hide taxes by convincing you they are doing you a favor. Consider cattle grazing fees. The government says the ranchers are taking advantage of you because they pay so little for the grazing fees on public land. Their solution is to raise the grazing fees. If they do so, and the cost of cattle rises. When this happens, the price you pay for beef at the market will also rise. In other words, to stop the cattle rancher from screwing you, you should pay more for meat. This is a hidden tax.

They say farmers pay too little for their water. Those evil farmers even use up precious water needed by fish. Their solution is to raise the farmer’s water rates and ration the water to them. Again, this will increase the cost of fruits and vegetables, and you end up paying more at your local food store. It will even have a greater affect on the poorer people of America because they will buy fewer fruits that help combat illnesses. It would be unhealthy for the poorest people on earth, and that is where the environmentalists who want fewer people on earth come in.

For the environmentalist to accomplish their goal of saving the planet from the evil human, they must also make sure they keep their thumb on you by taking away your freedoms, a little at a time. Property rights are not in the socialist agenda. So the socialists married the greens to eliminate private property rights in the name of saving the planet, the environment, and all things sacred to mother earth.

The killing of innocent people around the world by banning DDT is probably the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated by any human, including Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, let alone the green-socialist elites. Their continued efforts to ban pesticides will do nothing more than reduce the food supply so the doomsayers will finally get their famines and finally be proven right. Every environmental crisis is soaked in the deep social science of feelings and rejects facts that true science has demanded for centuries.

In another giant hoax, the socialists got the American people to accept the definition of public property, defining it as “anywhere people may gather”, such as a restaurant that is privately owned. Public property was never intended to be defined as a place where people gather.

A public place is one that is owned by the public, owned by the people (i.e., a government building). If the greens want to stop smoking in public places, so be it, but these public places are government offices and courthouses, not privately owned restaurants.

Owners of various businesses have had their property rights taken away, and the green socialists will not stop, even if it takes a lifetime.

Free speech is not in the socialist agenda. Today we are censored by “political correctness.” If I disagree with a woman, I am male chauvinistic. If I disagree with a black man, I am racist. If I disagree with a homosexual, I am homophobic. If I believe in the moral values and stricter rules of years past, I am prehistoric, a dinosaur to be laughed at by intellectual elites. If I disagree with a socialist, I belong to a special interest group. According to socialists, approximately eighty-five percent of Americans belong to special interest groups.

The socialists in America, however, are currently in the driver’s seat, which shows us that in America the majority does not rule, but the most active and vocal minority does. That can change if we use the only mechanism we have: the ballot box.

Seek out a politician who is a member of the Green Party and you will find a socialist. Replace those people, regardless of party, who are taking away the America we once had. Those elites who think we are backward hicks, unworthy to determine our own future! Those elites who worship mother earth and are represented by the major media, who are chipping freedom away one fragment at a time! Join the movement to change our tax laws to a consumer tax. It is the only fair tax method. Above all, take the time to find out if anything I have written is true and learn that socialism is as un-American as I have here represented.

By reading this book, you have taken the first step in understanding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.