All in a Weekend

All in a Weekend


Last week I wasn’t myself and didn’t know why. I wasn’t sick or anything, but things weren’t right. My wife and I had been invited to attend a golf tournament in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and we arrived Thursday last.

We played a round of golf at the Las Palomas Golf Course on Friday and after that travelled the twenty or so miles south to the Mayan Palace Resort where the tournament was to take place. I was a guest of the Mayan and it was our first stay at the beautiful complex. It’s really like going to Hawaii and if it’s not a five star resort it should be.

We have a condo in Puerto Penasco (AKA Rocky Point) and after the Saturday’s golf we decided not to play on Sunday, or go to our condo, and drove directly to Tucson, a four hour drive. I hadn’t slept well the night before even though the room was quite luxurious, so I felt like going home.

WE arrived at about 7:30 PM and were expecting the “kids” over for some drinks and chatting at 9:15. They arrived and I poured myself a vodka tonic as I sat behind our bar, in the Arizona room, of our home. I took one sip and then it happened.

My heart seemed to jump out of my chest and started beating at an extremely high rate. I excused myself and went into the living room at sat on the couch trying to relax.

My wife brought out the blood pressure meter and checked me out. My heart was beating at 130 BPM and my blood pressure went up to 220 over 110. At that point we called the ambulance; it was 9:30PM.

The ambulance arrived in less than ten minutes and started their procedure and questioning me about what was happening. I was next on the gurney and on my way to the hospital. We arrived at about 9:45 PM and I was rushed into ER.

After more questions they started sticking me with needles in an attempt to bring down my heart beat and blood pressure.

My heart beat started to decrease and my blood pressure started going down when the nurse left the room for just a moment. In that moment I said to my wife, “I’m going to pass out.” I then said, I’m going out,” when she noticed my blood pressure had dropped to 40 over something. My wife started yelling for the nurse and she immediately arrived and gave me a different shot that brought my BP back up.

With my wife at my side they kept me in ER until they were convinced I was stabilized and at about 4:00AM I was moved to the ICU for more monitoring and tests.

By about 6:00 AM they gave me some sleeping pills and constantly monitored my BP and heart beat. They diagnosed me as had having an A-Fib event and would reboot my heart. With that, at about 10:00 AM I was sedated, went to sleep and they electro shocked my heart to get it back in sync. I never knew they could do that.

I had told them I had a radio show to do later on Sunday at 4:00PM and I needed to be out by 2:00PM. They said while they didn’t think it was a good idea, they would try. We didn’t make it and I was released at 5:30 PM on Sunday. The radio station producer played a “Best Of” and the show went on without me.

The next morning, Monday, I saw my heart specialist and he has scheduled some more tests for the next week and before I left I asked if I could play some golf that afternoon. He said absolutely. So with that my wife and I were on the golf course Monday afternoon. What a weekend…

So why did I take the time to tell you this?

Because of what I thought as my heart was pounding, on the way to the hospital and during the time I didn’t know what was happening.

I thought of how much I love my wife, my life and my country. I was praying to God to watch over my wife and my country.

Sounds corny, doesn’t it? But it is true. Even atheists will find out, there are no atheists in a fox hole under fire and I doubt there are any when you think you’re dying.

I also thought what a wonderful medical system we CURRENTLY have.  And I thought of ObamaCare and what would happen to a man my age when the panels are formed.