An Apology, an Explanation and a Suggestion

by C Howard Diaz

When I wrote “All in a Weekend” I had no intention of continuing with a personal saga about my heart, but our medical system has kept popping in my head over the past few months as problems with my heart continued. I’ll share those thoughts with you and I hope you understand why.

That first A-Fib attack last October was nothing compared to what followed. In a way I’m lucky I had the first A-Fib attack because, as a result, the doctors looked for all things related to my heart. That led to a nuclear stress test, which I failed and in November they installed a stent in my heart.

Because of the stent, I have to take one pill called Plavix, every day. When the doctor told me about the pill he said, “You must take this pill every day for one year. If you miss one day you will die.” He wasn’t kidding and it’s really not a big deal, I have and will take the pill every day.

My cardiologist said I was lucky they found the blocked artery because it could have killed me. Thinking the worst was past, after the stent into December I started having a problem keeping my blood pressure down so I ended up going to ER a couple of times and then in January my second A-Fib attack.

They don’t call an A-Fib attack a “heart attack,” but whatever pain I was feeling in ER was about a nine on a scale of ten. Instead of shocking my heart back into rhythm they decided to use a chemical solution. It worked in about an hour and I was placed under observation.

Later my heart beat started dropping to as low as 35 BPM and in mid-January they installed a pacemaker in my chest. Anyone who says, “It’s just a pacemaker operation,” has probably never been cut, any operation can be a bitch.

The end result has been my lack of writing my opinions on a regular basis and for that I apologize.

Throughout all my trips to ER and my hospital stays I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky I am that all this was happening before I fell under Obama Care. I believe if Obama Care was in full force, some committee would look at my age, my gender, my political affiliation and use some algorithm to compute I should just take more pain pills because my life wouldn’t be worth spending the money.

But that’s not all I thought about. During my last stay at the hospital a young man came to push my bed to the operating room for the pacemaker. As he pushed me through the hallways I was telling him it was my fourth hospital stay in the past couple of months when I was suddenly struck with a feeling of guilt. Here this young man was pushing me to my operation and the government needs people his age to pay for old farts like me.

I couldn’t get over the guilt I felt until the doctor put me under. When I awoke the same young man pushed me back to my room and kept my mouth shut.

As I laid in my bed I started thinking about the guilt trip I was on and after a while I concluded it’s not my fault our system is being turned upside down by unconstitutional laws, regulations and policies.

We seniors shouldn’t feel any guilt about anything.

If anyone should feel guilty, it’s all American’s who voted for anyone who voted for this giant tax increase disguised in healthcare clothing. What American in his or her right mind believes members of Congress should get away with passing a law that was not yet written?

When Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in the bill,” she should have been forced to resign with every member of Congress who voted for blank pages or pages with section headings.

We have the finest health care system in the world and it’s being ripped apart in a belief it’s being done so a few more can be covered. I say “belief” because that’s all it is, smoke and mirrors. The real meat of the Affordable Care Act is the tax increases that make this law the hugest tax increase in the history of America.

When Chief Justice Roberts said it could only stand as a tax he was telling us what it was, but no one listened. As all the talking heads and media continue to talk about the sideshow of how screwed up the roll out was, they aren’t talking about the new taxes and the overall UN-Constitutionality of the law.

Add the demise of our carbon based electrical grid and America will surely falter. American freedom and Constitutional support has been taking it on the chin the past few decades and I’m not sure the America I knew will survive.

The Tea Party and a retired General want ten million American’s to march on Washington DC and I think that is wrong. It won’t accomplish anything, but we should use the method our Forefathers left us to change a Federal government that is abusing the Constitution.

They should instead march on their State Capitals and amend the Constitution to put a stop to all these unconstitutional laws, regulations, czars, commissars and idea’s like the Affordable Care Act.

They should not call for a Constitutional Convention, but instead pass an amendment to stop the federal government from engaging in any form of health care system. It should be a simple statement so it can’t be twisted by any person or any media outlet.

Our Forefathers specifically left the Executive Branch out of the Amendment process and also gives a way for the States to amend our Constitution without Congress. What more proof does anyone need to show they meant the States and the People are in charge of the federal government? The States and the People can put an end to the madness in Washington DC, but beware, do not call for a convention. Offer one single amendment for an up or down vote by the States that stops this monstrosity called the Affordable Care Act, LEGALLY!

After that amendment passes, it will be difficult but not impossible, we can then amend the Constitution again, one amendment at a time, to cut the federal government down to the size it was intended. We can change the tax code, insure our defense remains the best in the world and much more.

More to follow.

C Howard Diaz