Australia Abolishes Climate Commission

C Howard Diaz

The Australian government has closed it’s much talked about Climate Commission, WOW!

 “The Abbott Government has abolished the Climate Commission, pushing ahead with its plan to scrap government bodies associated with Labor’s carbon pricing scheme and climate change policy.”, September 20th 2013

The new government is also going to repeal its Carbon Tax, DOUBLE WOW!

Maybe its because the Climate Commission issued a reports like this:

“Climate Commission report says 80 per cent of fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground”

Or maybe its because the head of the Climate Commission Professor Tim Flannery in 2005, predicted Sydney’s dams could be dry in just two years.

Well, they didn’t.

You know, like Al gore’s prediction in 2007, that the Arctic ice would be gone by 2013.

Well it’s not gone. It’s not only not gone, but this SUMMER it increased almost a million square miles. And the Antarctic has more ice in known history.

Or maybe it’s because, DENNIS JENSEN said, “There are a lot of scientists that say that the medieval warm period was warmer than now. Certainly, the Minoan and Roman periods were warmer than now, and I don’t think that we were belching out too much carbon dioxide at the time.”

For sure it’s because the new prime Minister, Tony Abbott, ran on the promise to end the Carbon Tax and won the September 7th election. He was sworn into office this week and closed the Climate Commission in his first two days in office. Triple WOW!

All this was happening before the upcoming IPCC report was leaked and the UK’s Daily Mail reported that the scientists don’t know what they’re doing and 98% of the computer models used by the “political” scientists, are WRONG!

You remember, this headline:

“World’s top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what we thought – and computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong”

and the other headlines that have recently hit the world news. (Not in the U.S.A.)

Like these just this year.

“And now it’s global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year”

“UK Met Office Admits – No Global Warming for 16 YEARS”

“Danish Green News – No Global Warming”

“Major Danish Daily Warns: “Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age…Much Colder Winters!”


It’s a crime that Americans don’t get the truth from the media. The American media has been in the bag for the Man Made Global Warming lie for a long time and it will take a lot more time before they cop out to the truth. They’ll still be reporting on how hot it is here and there and probably go down fighting. Thank God for the internet.

I congratulate the people of Australia for taking the first whack at the falsified science of Man Made Global Warming. I sure hope American’s force the Obama administration do start changing its mind on the EPA’s over regulation and the upcoming Cap and Trade scheme.

The Cap and Trade scheme is worse than the Carbon Tax the Australian’s are getting rid of.

The world is waking up to this gigantic fraud and hopefully charges will be made holding the dozen or so bad actors in the science community. They should at least have their license tp practice revoked. Al Gore, on the other hand should be treated as what he is, a man who sold out for a few million bucks. Actually, a lot of million bucks.

Speaking of the Daily Mail’s article, below are some of the limited to FIVE HUNDRED comments that were made by human beings, mostly Brits, that read the article. I’m not posting ant of the “dislikes” because we’ve been force fed their lies for far too long.

The comments below were moderated in advance by the UK Daily Mail. Please read them all, you’ll get a kick out of it. That is if you’re not a Man Made Global Warming psycho-babbler.


When should I expect to receive the 50% refund on all the green taxes I have paid?

poster, London, 14/9/2013 16:06      Rating   1312


Scientists accept their computers ‘may have exaggerated’ ======= Muppets. Computers are programmed therefore it is scientists that purposely wrote misleading prediction algorithms.

Dr Teddy Robbear, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 14/9/2013 16:03   Rating   1087


Global warming? I can remember way back some numbskull said we’d all be growing cacti in our arid hot gardens in the UK because of global warming. Well Mr numbskull the cacti in my garden have all died cause of the cold! Just another ruse governments use to screw even more taxes out of you.

Styx, Birmingham, 14/9/2013 18:07  Rating   916


You don’t need to tell us the figures were wrong, we all knew. Do we get to sue the UN and associated governments for fraud for the green taxes we have been forced to pay?

John, Colchester, United Kingdom, 14/9/2013 16:05           Rating   859


always has been a con trick started by a past prime minister and seized on by world governments as yet another excuse to tax us out of existence. Politics – the cesspit of humanity.

Keith.W, Nuneaton, United Kingdom, 14/9/2013 17:27      Rating   760


 It’s bad enough that so called experts get it consistently wrong and that self serving politicians etc. cash in. But what is sadder is the amount of people that actually believe all this tripe.

gridlock, doncaster, 15/9/2013 1:16                          Rating   695


We knew it all along.

Daisy, London, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 1:17              Rating   644


Are we surprised? Not at all, but I’d love to know how much money, in the name of so-called green issues, this scam has generated for those involved.

Hearsay, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 14/9/2013 16:05         Rating   613


So ‘Mother Nature’ is NOT truly predictable? And the Religion of Science cannot predict/control her? Who would have thought!!

Remmie, Baltimore, 14/9/2013 18:13                       Rating   611


can we have our money back…

Jacob London Great, London, 14/9/2013 17:38                  Rating   592 


‘the science is clearly not settled, and is in a state of flux’ … how about the words WE WERE WRONG and we hyped the results to ensure continued exorbitant grants and paychecks! What about ex-VP Al Gore’s bs “inspiring documentary on the fight against global warming” … and the celebrities that peddled the foundless ideology?! What about the numerous legitimate scientists who didn’t jump on the bandwagon and were humiliated and fired from their positions for daring to disagree with the “science” of global warning?

PS, Toronto, Canada, 15/9/2013 1:10                       Rating   378


The IPCC excuse for the differences? “caused by unpredictable climate variability,” Do Tell!! Isn’t that what ALL climate changes are about? Isn’t that what the so-called skeptics have said is likely causing the climate change, as it has caused changes throughout the history of the world? How are the members of the IPCC now going to justify their million dollar building, and their own huge salary packages?

Ken, Brisbane, Australia, 14/9/2013 18:18                Rating   339


OK, folks we got wrong. But the taxes stay where they are.

Alan Radford, London, 15/9/2013 1:03                   Rating   336


So, will they scrap the IPCC now – not on your nelly! Will the BBC and Channel 4 take this one board, I doubt it. Will the politicians stop mumbling on about climate change, we can only hope so.

Fred Middleton, Smethwick, 15/9/2013 6:20                      Rating   327


It has been known for sometime that the IPCC is an establishment set up to CON the general public this institution was endorsed by governments and politicians to fabricate statistics and claim their ‘worldly’ knowledge of all things concerning the climate. We the public have been coerced, lied to, and thieved of our hard earned moneys to fund various governmental ‘green’ policies base on rubbishy statistics. The APD is one MAJOR con… not enough space here to outline more cons but the reading public will know. It is time to tell these politicians and government bodies to immediately desist these blatant thievery & lies. The ballot box may help but demonstrations would perhaps be more fruitful.

Frances7, London, 14/9/2013 18:16                         Rating   327


It’s beginning to look like the sceptics were correct – the warmists have been exaggerating warming out of all proportion, and this has been used as a basis to justify tax swinging increases by unscrupulous politicians, as well as lining their own pockets with wind farm subsidies.

Dibble, Newcastle upon Tyne, 15/9/2013 1:02                    Rating   312


Dont bother commenting in the Guardian on these climate stories, you will be censored if it doesnt fit their agenda!

Question, SouthEast, 15/9/2013 1:06                                    Rating   286


as if we mere mortals were not aware of the global warming scam to tax us from another level!

True-Brit, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 0:57                  Rating   279


Yet still Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ is required learning in all of our schools – it is drummed into our children as an absolute given, no disputes or argument or dissent permitted. Time to call a halt to this nonsense.

Bailey, hong kong, Hong Kong, 15/9/2013 6:12                              Rating   271


I think “half” is probably more like face-saving wishful thinking.

Mark, Huddersfield, 15/9/2013 1:06                                    Rating   267


Thank God for the Daily Mail. Because I will bet this story will get very little coverage in the U.S. The mainstream media here, and the Democrats, are firmly in bed with the environmentalists and desperately want to believe in the global warming nonsense.

BigSteve, Classified, United States, 15/9/2013 6:18            Rating   261


So when are we going to get a refund for all the Green Taxes we have been forced to pay ,I wont hold my breath

herbertsherbert2, utopia, 15/9/2013 6:13                              Rating   261


These reports should be splattered all over the front pages in bold writing so that people are aware of what is really going on instead of getting photos of a lone polar bear on a disintegrating iceberg that turned out to have been taken in the summer.

BLUEBIKE, London . Muir of Ord, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 0:58  Rating   254


Duh! Tell us something we haven’t known for years!

lancejack, Chesterfield, 15/9/2013 6:13                               Rating   216


Top story on BBC News no doubt (LOL)

Freedom Fighter II, Workington, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 6:13  Rating   208


so are we going to fire , all these climate alarmists in our government depts. and the EU ,

jobey45, Farnborough, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 8:29               Rating   200

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Oh surprise surprise as Cilla used to say having had this Green agenda forced down our throats by the Elite for so long why is this story not the Banner Headline that all the planets heating up stories got? …….. I trust that’s it for Green stories now then DM!

Roger, Guildford, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 6:16          Rating   194


…and, like all the ‘evidence’ produced by the IPCC it is STILL over-stated, exaggerated and falsified. If there are questions over the validity of IPCC predictions NOW, just what should we be thinking if we actually knew the TRUTH? Will anyone be held to account? NO.

Dave, Oban, 14/9/2013 16:14                                   Rating   190


If only so many gullible idiots hadn’t jumped on this particular bandwagon, those of us with a little more common sense and foresight may have been listened to. I remember some years ago a lady on Question Time said she had doubts about the existence of Man Made Global Warming, she was roundly booed by the moronic audience. I wonder what those people think now ? Obviously it was the usual audience stuffed with those who went along with the BBC line, as ever.

JN Wiltshire, Wiltshire, 15/9/2013 6:11                   Rating   184


Thats because in reality these climate models were best on GUESSES. Look it up. We really need to stop trusting scientists with computer models based on guesstimates. Especially when they are supported by politicians and business leaders such as Al Gore who make billions from these false forecasts.

MattBlack, Enfield, 15/9/2013 8:18                         Rating   176


Isn’t it time these climate scientists acknowledged that they are nowhere near being able to predict the climate to the degree of certainty that justifies the billions being spent. The models do not work and the scientists do not know why. They can’t even agree on what the historical data should be.

Tangoterrier, Reading, United Kingdom, 15/9/2013 8:24               Rating   168


I want my taxes back. Thank you!

micky2shoes, doncaster, United Kingdom, 14/9/2013 16:04          Rating   168


There never was any real science involved. It’s always been nothing but an excuse to keep people poor by claiming that it is evil for anyone but the rich to use energy. Owning your own home, having a garden, heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer, having electricity for your lights and your computer, and most important of all, gasoline for your auto, have to be portrayed as the most evil things in the world and the most important duty of the government (all governments) to suppress them. Not for the rich one percent of course but the ordinary person. If people were to realize the truth that supplies of energy are unlimited and that there is enough for every human being on this planet to lead a decent life, how different our world would be.

Cloudy, San Francisco, 14/9/2013 16:05                              Rating   149


Here are the links to the articles I used.–chart-prove-it.html#ixzz2ccdEW14v–computers-got-effects-greenhouse-gases-wrong.html#ixzz2fE6D1ky2