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Analysts for most of the major media networks, including CNN, are having a difficult time interpreting the cause of overwhelming wins by conservatives in this election. They continue to inject a reason for the loss that clears Mr. Clinton. A reason that defines the American people as tired of Washington or just mad at the process. The fact that not one republican incumbent lost is the true indication that this was a rejection of ideology.

The media either doesn’t or won’t understand that Americans DO NOT WANT the socialistic GREEN agenda that Mr. Clinton stands for: an administration who’s agenda is anti-property rights, anti-gun ownership, anti-technology, anti-ranching, anti-farming, anti-mining and anti-logging.

Their agenda is to use the Secretary of Interior and the EPA to take most rights away from Americans via regulation or some kind of wilderness campaign.

The liberal media continues in its attempt to confuse the American viewers with things like “the American public voted for change in 1992 and they’re mad because the changes Mr. Clinton wants to make aren’t happening fast enough.” NOT!

The only change Mr. Clinton has made is a ninety degree left turn instead of a more middle of the road Democrat.

By reporting that the American public is mad at Washington, mad at politicians in general or mad at the bickering is nothing more than stupidity on their part or out right deception. You can choose which. They don’t think the average American has the sense to understand the deep green socialistic ideology this administration is trying to shove down our throats.

When the media reports a poll, for example like one that indicates health care or crime are high priorities on most American’s minds, they report it as though America is behind Clinton’s version. Not so!

The liberal definition of health care is a government take over; what we want is a minor fix. The liberal definition of crime control is a pork laden bill that was stripped of things like a minimum sentence for anyone committing a crime with a gun and replacing it with things like banning guns from honest citizens. The media, not understanding the process, thinks that a congressman or senator should vote for a bill just because it is titled “Health Care” or “Crime Bill.” To hell with what’s in it, just vote for it.

With that kind of intelligence, the liberal media journalists should be replaced with Americans who understand that in a situation like the one America is in today, gridlock can be good for America. It can be good because it at least stops the creeping socialism the Clinton administration represents.

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