Science Learns Green Money Scheme

From the 1990’s and updated 2013

by Chuck Diaz

It seems that the world of science has now taken up the same tactics used by the Greens to get you to dig into your pockets and send them some of your money.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest is the organization that shocked the world with the news that popcorn popped in coconut oil can kill.

Within a week of that announcement I received an envelope in the mail with “10 Foods You Should Never Eat” printed in bold across the outside.  Inside the envelope was a four-page letter, a card indicating the ten things I shouldn’t eat, a special introductory offer pamphlet, a free bonus sheet for a Chemical Cuisine and Nutrition Scoreboard Chart, each worth $5.00.  There was also a subscription form to the Nutrition Action Health letter and a No Postage Necessary return envelope.

We must understand all this came from The Center for Science in the Public Interest.  The name implies there are scientists involved and they are doing something in my interest.

Reading the four-page letter it said that if I subscribe to their newsletter I’ll learn things like “The only vegetables we found in an entire Banquet Vegetable Pie with Chicken were twelve peas, 1/11 of a carrot, and 1/12 of a potato.”  It reminded me that last week Banquet Chicken Pies were on sale, 3 for $1.00, and I bought six.  I use them more as a quick snack than anything else, but I sure won’t do that anymore now that The Center for Science in the Public Interest has shown the light of science in action and warned me.

I suddenly thought, what does science have to do with counting peas?  Why are these jerks using these scare tactics?  I thought that until I realized they have developed another fund raising campaign using the same MO as the Greens have with all of their fund-raisers.

It’s simple, pick a subject the average uninformed American will latch onto.  Tell him you are doing whatever you are doing for his own good.  Ask him for money by either joining your organization or as in this case by subscribing to something.  Get the major media to give you some FREE national advertising via some outrageous claim made on national television.  The more outrageous, the more coverage.  Do a mass mailing across the entire country and oiala a new business has just begun?

The outrageous claim they came out with was popcorn kills.  And it worked.  It made every national newscast within a few hours.  Limbaugh talked about it.  Sales of popcorn in movie theaters has since dropped 11 percent and they started their mass mailing.  I wonder how many sheep fell for this one?

The Green movement has made millions over the years with the same tactic.  Greenpeace is an organization that defined the power of mass mailing to a sympathetic or scared populace.  A San Francisco consulting firm works for Greenpeace in the U.S. to raise money.  William Dodd of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co. says you raise money by creating a “sense of urgency and you need an enemy.”  The company also raises money for the Sierra Club, the National Resource Defense Council and others.  The firm did the mailing for the NRDC in 1989 for what is now known as one of the biggest lies of the time.  The Alar scare campaign, that cost the apple industry over $200 million and raised millions for the NRDC, included a 900 telephone line that sold 90,000 books on pesticides.

In 1990 alone Greenpeace U.S.A. raised $64 million of which 60% came from 43 million letters prepared by the firm.  Letters that stated “Half the world’s shoreline have been destroyed” or “We’ve already slaughtered 94% of our whales.” They call these statements exaggerations, they are lies.

The Greens and now apparently scientists have replaced the snake oil salesmen of years past.  They have become the con artist selling property in Florida or the Brooklyn Bridge.  The only difference is, today these con artists are tax exempt and protected by a government that somehow found in the Constitution that government should now take on the role of the health police.

As long as they have an unsuspecting victim, the predators will continue thinking up ways to fleece the sheep.

Update: June 26, 2013

I wanted to check on the status of Coconut Oil and  The Center for Science in the Public Interest has declared asked if Coconut Oil can Lose weight? Cure Alzheimer’s? Clog your arteries? In an article written by David Schardt, June 2012

 “Superpowers” are what coconut oil has, Dr. Mehmet Oz told his TV audience last year. The benefits of coconut oil are “near miraculous,” says Internet osteopath and entrepreneur Joseph Mercola.

“Protect against cancer,” “dissolve kidney stones,” and “lose excess body fat,” promises a coconut oil distributor on its Web site. And, if you believe a new book and the Internet buzz, coconut oil might even cure Alzheimer’s disease. Yep, Coconut Oil will now save us instead of kill us. They were wrong in the 1990’s, right?