Dr Rossiter, Dr Ball, DDT and ME

Editor’s Comment: I was prompted to write this article after reading Dr. Tim Ball’s guest opinion on Anthony Watts great blog, WATTS UP WITH THAT (WUWT). Dr. Ball was pretty harsh on Dr. Caleb Rossiter in his opinion piece:

Caleb Rossiter – Missing In Action, Johnny-Come-Lately, Faux Victim, Political Tunnel Vision, or All-Of-The-Above?

If you read the Comments to the article, most people didn’t like the way Dr Ball stated his position concerning Dr. Rossiter, but Dr. Ball is one hundred percent right in being skeptical of Dr. Rossiter’s true position on things scientific.

Does Dr. Rossiter believe pesticides are a threat to humanity? Does he believe in Acid Rain? Does he believe Mercury in fish is a problem? Does he believe Asbestos, American asbestos, is harmful to humans? Does he believe that CO2 is a pollutant or a building block of life on earth?

I would pose all those questions to Dr. Rossiter before I gave him a pass on his past beliefs. No matter how harsh Dr. Ball may have appeared, he was spot on. I believe the AGW scare is a conspired hoax and the main characters should, at the very least, have there credentials pulled starting with Tom Wigley, Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, Rajendra Pachauri and James Hansen. Steven Schnieder and Rachel Carson should be struck from our history. I haven’t a suggestion as to what to do with Al Gore.

I’m not sure if Dr. Rossiter would make the top ten on that list, but he needs to join the fight all the way if he really wants to help Africa, India, Bangladesh, you know, the places where a lot of brown and black people live.

But what has that to do with this article?

The Dr. Ball article got me to thinking, “What would Dr. Rossiter say about DDT?”  He lost his job because he defended Africa’s right to electricity in a Wall Street Journal article. That article was discussed on WUWT.

The minute I thought of Africa and electricity, I remembered an Africa article I had posted last year,  What Does This African Woman Need?

Before I had read the Dr. Ball article I had already sent Dr. Rossiter an email under the Subject, “Africa.” In it I stated “I’ve been trying to do my part educating the masses, welcome aboard.” I did it in a “welcome to our side” frame of mind and included a link to the “African Woman” post.

He replied:

Thanks — we must keep up the beat on this — I just got back from Sudan and Uganda, in both of which, despite good hydro power on the Nile, access is 1/3.  When our foreign aid officials brag about working on “off grid” solutions, I cringe, because if a village never gets on the grid, it can never develop.  CR

What I didn’t do, was ask Dr. Rossiter what his opinion was on the banning of DDT and its affect on Africa. I should have, but it didn’t hit me until I read Dr. Ball’s article. Again, I should have because as far as I’m concerned the AGW nuts and the anti DDT nuts are from the same nut tree. His opinion on DDT would tell us if he has really left the left.

This all reminded me of what had happened when I was speaking about DDT back in 1992.

DDT and ME

Friday, October 30th, 1992

Fifteen minutes after I arrived at the Blue Ribbon Coalition Convention to speak on Saturday, I was interviewed by Jim Woolf, a reporter from the Salt Lake City Tribune.  He had never heard of me and rightly so, because I was just a guy who was the editor of a monthly newsletter.

I had been invited to speak by the BRC’s president because the BRC had published some of my articles in their member’s monthly. I was the second bill, I would speak on Saturday before the keynote speaker, Senator Steve Symms.

We found a place to sit for the interview and he got his tape recorder all set and he asked if I was ready. I said “Yep.”

I had had experience  with me,dia types before and I knew I had to say something that would get his attention right away especially because he wasn’t too happy doing the interview with a nobody.

His first question was, “What’s the topic of your speech.”

I said, “I’m going to talk about how the environmental movement has murdered more humans than all the wars in history.”

The look on his face was worth all the interviews I’ve ever done with all of the brain dead journalists and TV guys. He went ballistic and was shooting questions at me like hell won’t have it. This guy was Mister Green of the Salt Lake City Tribune.

After we ended the interview he took off like an F-16 with full afterburner.

I had some dinner, a couple of drinks and retired a bit excited about Saturday’s event. I had been told not to expect very many people for my speech because most everyone would probably be out seeing Salt Lake City or shopping or something. But they would all be there to see Senator Symms.

Saturday morning I got ready, and went on my way to the elevator when I noticed the hall way was plastered with hundreds of small leaflets about 3 inches by 6 inches. They were on the walls of the elevator, the walls of the hotel reception area, the restaurant, taped to chairs and on all the tables everywhere.

The notice calling me a LIAR stated:

Chuck Diaz is a liar: Federal, medical and pesticide experts refute his claim with facts. Mr Diaz will tel1 you things that can be proven false. Do not believe his fantasies. For instance
– Mr Diaz contends that there is no evidence that DDT is dangerous to animals
but DDT poisoning caused the near extinction of the bald eagle. (our nations symbol) DDT has been proven, to cause reproductive problems in birds and other animals.
– Mr Diaz claims that Malaria kills over 8 million people yearly. The Malaria branch at the Disease Control Prevention Center in Atlanta has undeniable proof that malaria kills between 1.5 and 2 million yearly. A far cry from
Chucks 8 million.. Virtually EVERY case of Malaria in the United States since the ban on DDT has been found on people that were traveling outside the country.
Chuck is a fanatic that uses lies to try to persuade people to follow his ravings. Don’t be taken in by this moron… Think for yourself..

What happened next was something out of a movie. The greens must have been tipped off by Mr. Woolf as he was writing his Tribune article. I knew his article was going to be in the Saturday morning Tribune so I bought one and sure enough, the liar flyers mimicked his article.



October 31, 1992

Chuck Diaz claims 8 million people die from malaria each year because of lies about the dangers of the pesticide DDT perpetrated by the “environmental-extremist movement.” Mr. Diaz, editor of an opinionated Arizona-based publication named Speak Up America, argued Friday in an interview that America’s 1972 ban on the use of DDT has left the world unable to control the mosquitoes that carry malaria and allowed a resurgence in the deadly disease.

Many of the statements made by Mr. Diaz were refuted by federal experts on pesticides and malaria.

Mr. Diaz contends there is no scientific evidence that DDT is dangerous to either humans or wildlife.

“The environmental movement has, and is, killing more people a year than any war in the history of mankind,” said Mr. Diaz.

Mr. Diaz will be one of the speakers at Saturday’s session of the BlueRibbon Coalition conference being held at the University Park Hotel in Salt Lake City. The coalition is an Idaho-based group fighting to keep public lands open for such things as off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and mining. Many of the coalition’s members are openly hostile to the nation’s large environmental groups.

Joel Breman, deputy chief of the malaria branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said malaria kills between 1.5 million and 2 million people each year, not the 8 million claimed by Mr. Diaz.

There has been no surge in the number of malaria cases in the United States since DDT was outlawed, said Mr. Breman. An average of 1,000 cases are reported annually. Virtually all of these are in people who were infected while traveling outside the country.

Ed Stearns, a pesticide expert for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Denver, disputed the claim that environmental activists set his agency’s policy on DDT or any other substance.

“EPA doesn’t make its decisions by popular vote of the environmental community. All of our actions are subject to peer review by scientific advisory boards and published for public comment.”

Both Mr. Breman and Mr. Stearns agreed there is little proof that DDT causes health problems in humans, but numerous studies have linked this chemical to reproductive problems in birds and other types of wildlife. DDT was blamed for the near extinction of the bald eagle, peregrine falcon and brown pelican.

DDT isn’t the only issue that bothers Mr. Diaz.

He also dismisses concern about global warming, the ozone hole, acid rain, and the dangers of asbestos.

(c) 1992 The Salt Lake Tribune. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.

Can you tell if Mr. Woolf called his green weasels considering they were papering the hotel before the newspaper hit the stands Saturday morning? The hotel must have been in on it because they made no attempt to remove any of the flyers.

What they hadn’t considered the was the old axiom about publicity, good or bad is publicity. All the little flyers stuck all over the hotel worked in my favor. Everyone at the conference wanted to know who I was and listen to my lecture.

The Green tyrants had worked all night and Woolf contacted the EPA and CDC to counter what I said in the interview. In doing so they packed the meeting to standing room only with about 250 people who hadn’t considered going to my talk.

They also got the CDC to state, on the record, 1.5 to 2 million humans die each year of malaria. I guess TWO MILLION human deaths are in the acceptable range for them. That means if you use their numbers, up to 102 million people have been murdered since the environmentalists got the government to ban DDT. Most of the dead are probably black and brown children.

During my lecture, to a packed house, I noticed the door in the back left side of the meeting room was opening and a large shoulder video camera was held from outside the door trying to record my talk.

I immediately walked over to the door and invited the three little green spies to join us and I had the group make room for the idiots in the front row. This would be impossible to make up, but it did happen.

After I spoke, during his luncheon speech, Senator Symms started off by saying:

“I don’t know Chuck Diaz.  In fact I just met him 15 minutes ago.  I do know Chuck Diaz’s enemies.  Chuck Diaz is a friend.”

I was then asked to speak at an upcoming conference in Washington DC.

My lecture was named “Who Speaks For Science” and it covered more than the DDT issue, but if you would like to read about what I did say about DDT in 1992, I published an article using the same points I presented at that conference. You can read my lies and decide for yourself. Take a break, come back later and read:

25 Years of Environmentalism Has Killed 150 Million Humans Worldwide

The title may be a bit misleading, but I believe Dr. Dixy Lee Ray’s numbers.


I found the video of my Washington DC speech. You may see it HERE