Green Haze Covering AARP

From Loggers World, February 1993

Being older makes you wiser.but you can still be fooled just take note of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) latest bit of advice given to its members interested in environmental issues. Is it possible they are being led “down the garden path…?”

In January the AARP and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought together groups including the National Park Service, the National Wildlife Federation, Renew America, and the Nature Conservancy. From this meeting was formed the Environmental Alliances for Senior Involvement (EASI).

Do you think its possible these Older “and wiser” seniors might be in a green haze of misinformation?.hmmm. Sit down and try to broaden their perspectives as to what these “environmental” industries have accomplished in reality by writing: AARP Volunteer Talent Bank, Dept. MM, 601 E. St. NW, Washington, DC 20049.

Editor’s Comment: In last month’s issue of Speak Up America, I warned you to watch for “Green influences in future AARP decisions.” But I certainly didn’t think another AARP article would pop up so soon.

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