Obama and Cuba

Editors Note:  The following is taken from the notes I had for a radio show I did in 2014 or 2015.

The comment that 50 years of sanctions haven’t worked is about the most misguided comment I’ve ever heard. When Fidel Castro chose to align with the Soviet Union, instead of freedom, he surprised the heck out of the US government.

Since then and since the first sanctions were placed by Eisenhower and Kennedy, the Communist regime has been propped up by first, the Soviet Union and then Venezuela joined in. The sanctions didn’t work because the Soviet’s and Venezuela had the Communists in Cuba’s back.

Now, the one time in fifty years, that the sanctions could actually start working, now, the sanctions could bring the evil communist regime in Cuba to their knee’s, the administration runs to the rescue and plans to save the Communist regime by opening the relations with Cuba. This is the worst move any free man could do to the people of Cuba.

I received a form email from Jeff Flake, a Republican Senator from our state of Arizona which said, I paraphrase:

“We American’s have the right to go to Cuba”

He just doesn’t get it.

If we don’t go, if we don’t rescue the Cuban Communist government, that Communist party will fall without Russian and Venezuelan aid.

Fifty years of sanctions will be swept away in one stroke.

Flake should consider the plight of the Cuban people over the Americans right to travel.

Normalizing relations with the Communists in Cuba will strengthen their ability to repress the freedom of the average Cuban.

A people who are living in a hell that is always created when the Communists and Socialists gain control.

By doing this, we and Mr. Flake will be propping up the Communist government and America will be taking Russia and Venezuela’s place.

Can you believe that? We will now prop up the Communist party in Cuba?

No other U.S President would have ever aided the Communists in Cuba and allow the suffering of the Cuban people to continue.