Pictures From Egypt You Won’t See In The U.S.

The Pictures Speak For Themselves

It seems Egyptians believe that President Obama and Ambassador to Egypt Paterson supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian people decided to get rid of Morsi after Obama supported the Brotherhood. Maybe that gives us some insight as to why President Obama was so eager to attack Assad after the so called Assad gas attack to help the rebels who may be more aligned with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

In another story that I think links what happened in Egypt to what’s happening in Syria, the Wall Street Journal August 31, 2013, on page A13 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, published an article, with the headline:

“On the Front Lines of Syria’s Civil War”
“The conventional wisdom—that jihadists are running the rebellion—is not what I’ve witnessed on the ground.”
by Elizabeth O’Bagy who was a senior analyst at the Institute for the Study of War.

Her article was quoted by both McCain and Kerry during Congressional hearings and must have influenced some attitudes towards the rebels. But then it was found out she was also working for a pro rebel organization called the Syrian Emergency Task Force.

The institute, where she had worked as a senior analyst, on Wednesday posted a terse statement on its website claiming she also misled the organization about having a Ph.D.

“The Institute for the Study of War has learned and confirmed that, contrary to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy does not in fact have a Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University. ISW has accordingly terminated Ms. O’Bagy’s employment, effective immediately,” the statement said.

As far as I’m concerned she was on the inside working for the rebels and in the pictures from Egypt it seems the people are trying to warn us about these kind of situations. Could Putin be right? What do you think?

Egypt 1

Egypt 2

Egypt 3

Egypt 4

Take the time to read this one above

Egypt 5

These two logo’s above are too similar for my taste.

Egypt 6

Egypt 7

They really don’t like Ambassador Paterson, wonder why.

Egypt 8

Maybe we need to start paying attention to who this administration backs.