Pope Embraces False Prophets Of Doom

Editor’s Comment:

I am posting the following article in complete support of what the author is stating. I was raised a Catholic. I was Confirmed a Catholic and did my First Communion as a young boy. I left the Catholic Church when I was kicked out of the Confessional and became a liberal atheist in the 60’s and 70’s, but that’s another story. By the 90’s I started understanding I was a Conservative and found God again.

While I still don’t practice any part of Catholicism, I have always respected the idea and existence of the Pope. I have always thought the Pope was always acting on behalf of good and honesty. If Pope Francis does what the following article implies, I would have to believe he, the Pope, is either very stupid or a Pope in name only. Does he really meet with atheists for advice? In my opinion he would then be added to the list of the uninformed.

My next question would then be, how can a Pope take such a position and be so uninformed?

We all know the climate is changing as it has always changed. To attribute it to man is way over to the left side of the ideological spectrum. Man-made global warming is a left wing progressive political movement disguised as science. The Pope needs to be a real Pope.


Pope Embraces False Prophets Of Doom
By P Gosselin on 4. January 2015

I’m Catholic and this Sunday I’m announcing that I’m disassociating myself from the Vatican and its pope. I urge other skeptic Catholics to consider doing the same. This is not a step I’ve taken lightly.

I’ll be opting out of Germany’s Kirchensteuer (Church Tax) and will not attend any services in the future. With their latest planned encyclical they are indicating that they have shifted back to the Dark Ages of bad-weather witches, superstitions and Medieval indulgences. Worse, they are openly subscribing to nutty end-of-times theories.

This comes on the heels of a recent announcement that Pope Francis intends to issue an encyclical on climate change. I am not renouncing Catholicism Christianity, rather I am solely renouncing my recognition that the Vatican and Pope are the faith’s administrator and moral compass. It’s the last straw in an unending string of corruption, child sexual abuse and scandals that have raged within the Catholic Church in recent times.