Seldom Heard Quotes – Gore and Gorby – Part 8

“Research in lieu of action is unconscionable.”

Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, Page 37


In other words, either forget true science and introduce policies based on feelings is the answer. I don’t think so.

The consecration of pseudo-science to Deep Ecology now declares that what a person feels about something has equal status with scientific fact.

Re-read the quote in Part 1,  by Jonathan Schell.  It is only by changing science to feelings instead of fact that certain insane socialists attempt to validate their existence.

This guy is so far out I can’t imagine what would have happened if he actually became president, but he has made over one hundred million dollars selling this snake oil science.



“For every 1% decrease in ozone, there is a corresponding 2% increase in the amount of ultraviolet radiation bathing our skin and a 4% increase in skin cancer.”

Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, Page 87


When traveling from the North Pole to the equator there is a natural 50% decrease in ozone.  If Gore wanted to tell the whole story, he would have revealed that the UV reporting stations in operation since 1974 indicate a DECREASE in UV penetration. But because the findings weren’t politically incorrect, they shut down the stations.

But then Al doesn’t really care about science and facts; he only cares about determining what’s best for you with your money, with your property and with your right to bear arms and your right to free speech and your right to think freely.



“(the auto industry) poses a mortal threat to the security of every nation, that is more deadly than that of any military enemy we’re ever again likely to confront.”       

 Al Gore, 1991

“What the auto industry needs is not political posturing, but a strong economy and money in the pockets of consumers who can then purchase the new cars and trucks.”

Al Gore, New York Times, August 25, 1992

(During the campaign.)

These quotes speak for themselves. He says what he says when he needs to say it.




“We now face the prospect of a kind of global civil war between those who refuse to consider the consequences of a civilization’s relentless advance and those who refuse to be silent partners in the destruction. More and more people of conscience are joining the effort to resist, but the time has come to make this struggle the central organizing principle of world civilization.”

Gore, Earth in the Balance

 Gorbachev put it another way, “The idea of socialism lives on, and it is my feeling that the quest–the desire to experiment and to find a new form for putting the socialist idea into practice–is on-going.”



Our farm taught me a lot about how nature works, but lessons learned at the dinner table were equally important. I particularly remember my mother’s troubled response to Rachel Carson’s classic book about DDT and pesticide abuse, Silent Spring, first published in 1962.”

Former Senator Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, Page 3

The conclusion of a seven-month EPA hearing exonerated DDT and declared it beneficial and harmless to humans.  The EPA hearing examiner ruled in April 1972, that DDT not be banned.  In his decision the hearing administrator found, DDT is not carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic to man [and] these uses of DDT do not have a deleterious effect on fish, birds, wildlife, or estuarine organisms.” His decision was overruled by the then EPA administrator, William Ruckelshaus, who has since admitted his decision was made for political, not scientific reasons.

Due to the banning of DDT, millions of people die each year. And with millions of humans dying each year, ironically, we honor Rachel Carson with an award.

The “Rachel Carson Award” honors the author of the 1962 book, “Silent Spring,” that started the anti-DDT movement.  DDT is the pesticide that had almost rid the world of things like malaria and yellow fever.  At the awards ceremony, she was joined by the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society in what has proven to be one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on mankind.

Rachel Carson lied in her book, his mother passed it on to Mr. Gore, the environmental extremists gave him a leadership platform, and now former Senator/VP GORE has written his book!

He, certainly does not speak for science!



“The real problem is President Bush extracted a high price in return for his willingness to go.  He essentially confronted the rest of the world with a demand that there be absolutely no commitments to do anything in the treaties that are going to be signed there, and that’s a shame.”

Former Senator/VP Gore on CNN Interview, May 1992


Sorry Al, it may be a shame to you, but it’s no shame to Americans.

The shame would be if Gore were our president.  He would literally sell Americans out.




“It’s so ridiculous for the president (Bush) to say there’s a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.”

 Former Senator Gore, CNN Interview, May 1992

More proof that the former Senator/VP would sell out America on what the true scientific community worldwide is calling unsubstantiated pseudo-science.




Gore and Paul Ehrlich “have ventured into a dangerous territory by suggesting that journalists quietly censor environmental evidence that is not alarming, because such reports, in Gore’s own words, ‘undermine the effort to build a solid base of public support for the difficult actions we must soon take’.”

Gregg Easterbrook, “Green Cassandra’s,” The New Republic, July 6, 1992


Could this be true?  America’s former Vice President suggesting CENSORSHIP and the withholding of information from the American public? This would have been ground for impeachment!

As with most extremists, they take any measures in support of what they believe.  Apparently, Mr. Gore has decided for Americans, for science, and for the world, what is true and what is best.




“The idea of socialism lives on, and it is my feeling that the quest — the desire to experiment and to find a new form for putting the socialist idea into practice — is on-going.”

Mikhail Gorbachev, The Arizona Daily Star, March 1992


If you haven’t figured it out by now, the new form for putting the socialist idea into practice is the environmental movement. Gorby is the head of The Green Cross, a Green group headquartered in San Francisco and Costa Rica

Never in history have the socialists had a better vehicle to strip you of your rights, your property, your freedoms.

Under the guise of saving humanity, socialism’s new flagship is steaming ahead with the support of a more uninformed world than ever before.




“It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach the American living standard.”

“We should therefore, develop other models.  People will understand what is good for them.”

Mikhail Gorbachev, Parade interview, August 23, 1994


Key to this quote I “People will understand what is good for them.” Stalin, Castro, Mao and Hitler thought the same thing.

And good ol’ boy Gorby and the rest of the “Communists turned Green” are just the ones to tell the people “what is good for them.”