Spiegel: Germany’s Failed ‘Energiewende’ Dissuades Abbott And Australia From Pursuing Green Energies

Editors Comment:

Last September I posted “Australia Abolishes Climate Commission,” when Tony Abbott was elected prime minister of Australia. You can read the article HERE.

Now, according to Germany’s top rated GREEN publication “Spiegel,” Mr. Abbott is using Germany’s failed green energy program as another reason for, “doing away with the CO2 emissions trading scheme and his plans to abolish the CO2 tax.”

Somehow I don’t trust anything called a “scheme,” but here in the good ole USA it’s called Cap and Trade. Another scheme made up by classifying Carbon Dioxide a pollutant. You know, CO2, the stuff we exhale naturally and all plant life thrives on, naturally.

A worldwide Cap and Trade scheme is the final domino of a row that starts with convincing you that the changes in worldwide climate are caused by man. On the same day we cause the drought in California and the blizzards in New England. This year we caused the Antarctic ice to grow to its largest mass in history and this year we caused the Arctic ice to grow in size at a rate that not one climate model predicted. And we do it all by warming the planet.

Sounds silly doesn’t it?

The Liberal Left will never admit the entire manmade global warming thing is just a front to convince American’s to accept the progressive’s agenda to redistribute the wealth of the world via a phony carbon credit and tax scheme. We should do all this based on computer simulations that have been 95% wrong and cherry picked data ignoring empirical data at the drop of another few billion bucks of the world’s tax money to keep the environmental industry alive and well.

There is no science in the UN led system used by the International Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. It is designed so that the many scientists involved have no idea of how their findings will be used by the bureaucrats’ trained to spin everything to fit the narrative.

The current administration will disregard the failure’s being reported from Germany and that Norway has given up on clean coal technology because they couldn’t get it to work. But Tony Scott, the new Prime Minister of Australia, isn’t buying any of the BS and is leading his country out of the dark age of environmental fear mongering.

Speaking of fear mongering, it seems fear of the weather is in some humans DNA. In a recently published book on titled “The Book of Miracles,” by Till-Holger Borchert (Author), Joshua P. Waterman (Author), paintings from the 1500’s “that first surfaced a few years ago and recently made its way into an American private collection is one of the most spectacular new discoveries in the field of Renaissance art. The nearly complete surviving illustrated manuscript, which was created in the Swabian Imperial Free City of Augsburg around 1550, is composed of 169 pages with large-format illustrations in gouache and watercolor depicting wondrous and often eerie celestial phenomena, constellations, conflagrations, and floods as well as other catastrophes and occurrences.”

 1552RainStorm (3)

The translation of the words at the bottom of this painting from 1552 state:

In A.D. 1552, on May 17, such a terrible storm with had hail descended on Dordrecht in Holland, that the people thought the Day of Judgment was coming. And it lasted about half an hour. Several stones weighed up to a few pounds and 8 lot. And where they fell, they gave a frightful stench.

I guess disasters from the weather, with end of the world scenarios, is nothing new. The people in 1552 believed a hail storm was the end of the world and they were as wrong then as the fear mongers today who are screaming the same thing about climate change.

Don’t get me wrong, the climate does change and it changes when it does, “naturally” and we arrogant pip squeaks can’t do one damn thing about it.

Here’s more from the No Tricks Zone about the Spiegel rant

“In Germany the mad rush to green energies has led to skyrocketing electricity costs, crony capitalism, and massive redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, and an unstable power supply. Moreover, energy-intensive companies are exempted from paying the green energy feed-in surcharges, and thus leaving the lowly consumers to foot the entire bill.”

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