Trump, BREXIT and Americanism

 I was listening to Rush Limbaugh while he was trying to explain why Donald Trump is winning the way he is. He was saying that conservatives don’t seem to be interested if Trump is a dyed in the wool conservative and the establishment can’t figure it out. Rush even asked “does Trump know he is doing what he is doing” or did he just fall into it?

To me the answer is really simple. I believe there are more Americans who are or want to be Americans before they are labeled Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal. They identify as Americans. They are proud of America. They don’t appreciate an administration and media that has been overtly anti America.

They would have never believed the GOP would be complicit in the ruination of their country until Trump let the cat out of the bag. Trump has shown the Washington establishment for what it is. Not just Democrats, but also Republican establishment politicians and media types are all lumped together by Trump’s exposure.

After seven years of a president and far more years of a media that loves to see America in the tank, Trump comes along and wants to make America great again. He’s running on an America First platform. He’s running on an I Love America platform, he’s running on a Make America Great Again platform and we Americans are craving someone who really loves our country as much as we do and feels our pain.

The pain of all Americans who hate watching the country they love go down the drain, by plan!

In the meantime the British Main Stream Media is doing its damnedest to scare the living hell out of the British people, the rest of the European Union, EU, and the world.

The BMSM is also embraced by the American Main Stream Media, and all of the wrath it can help generate against anyone who would dare turn its back on the idea of world socialism. Because that’s what it’s really about, one world socialism, with the understanding that the EU was the first major step taken by the one worlders to bring about a single, United Countries of Europe.

The original EU was supposed to be a large “free trade pact” and has since done what all left wing agreements do, they morph into a centralized government that is, as Nigel Farage puts it “a Political Union.” PU.

Since the BREXIT vote all hell has broken out with the world establishment elites and they are yelling about the gloom and doom BREXIT will cause.

Talking heads say Trump is a bigger threat to the “Global Economy” than terrorism is and in their mindset, they are correct. But we all must understand that “Global Economy” is a code term for One World Governance, one of the United Nations pet projects.

Once we understand that, we understand that BREXIT, Trump, love of country and patriotism are definitely a threat to the “Global Economy.” Hail the threat, hail BREXIT, to hell with a Global Economy and hail Trump!

I don’t know if the main stream media will ever figure it out, but I hope they don’t until Donald J. Trump is in office kicking the establishment politicians in the butt.

The media, the establishment and even Rush haven’t figured it out yet. They don’t understand the one thing that we know and appreciate about Donald J. Trump. He oozes Americanism. Yes, Americanism.

AMERICANISM TRUMPS Conservatism, TRUMPS Liberalism and every other “ism.” Americanism represents Trump and Trump represents Americanism.