UN IPCC Exhumes, Brings Climate Catastrophe Back From The Grave…Politicians, Activists Dancing Like It’s 2007!

By P Gosselin on 27. September 2013

Today the German media, politicians and activists are all in a celebratory mood – the climate catastrophe is back, real and approaching faster than ever after all. The UN just certified it! Climate activists are in a state of euphoria again – They’re out dancing in the streets – there hasn’t been such a feeling since 2007.


It’s been six long years of relentless torment inflicted by Neanderthal skeptics. Worse, the public was even starting to become hopeful about the future once again, and were becoming less afraid of climate. For the climate catastrophe everything had been looking so bleak as the pesky real observations kept glaringly contradicting the modeled catastrophes 15 years long.

But happy days are back again – the catastrophe is coming, the UN reassures the world. The 15 years of model failure are not significant after all. In fact the UN now says the models are better than ever and the climate scientists are now 95% confident that the climate catastrophe is coming and that our living standards are responsible for it. Never before have scientists been more confident.

Even more encouraging sea levels will rise even faster than expected. Rest assured, the climate catastrophe is coming and things are more urgent than ever. Don’t let any skeptic tell you otherwise, as they only want to spread some damn optimism about the future.

Today alarmists in Germany are more giddy than we’ve seen in a very long time. Many alarmists will be going to bed tonight feeling more content than ever, looking forward to waking up to a tomorrow of imminent catastrophe.

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