We Just Solved A Problem

Without my knowledge, for quite some time the “Comment” and “Membership” portions of this site has had a problem. In some cases it was impossible to leave a comment. In other cases, a members status was changed to “Inactive” or “Expired” for no reason. We believe we have fixed the problem and have successfully ran some comment tests. If any of this affected any member I am very sorry, but it’s fixed now and everyone has been activated.

In the past few weeks we have had a surge in membership’s from all over the world and I hope that will translate into lively conversation via the “Comments” feature. I receive a lot of positive “spam” that I don’t approve because you can tell it wasn’t created by a human and I hope all the new members will engage in a healthy debate on whatever I post.

I remind you that everything I have written and I post is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of any other person.