Where’s the Proof in Syria?

UPDATE September 30th 2017 – OOAN TV Had a special report this afternoon on Syria, Asad, the rebels and gas attacks. It is a damning report on the world wide accepted “Asad did it” thought. If anything this report proves what I was asking back in 2103 about “Where;s the Proof in Syria”

I think our president was tricked into believing the BS story about Asad when he launched the 59 cruise missiles. He can’t be making mistakes like that. He ran on staying out of Syria. Someone’s head should roll for this.

I added the radio show I did on Syria back in 2013

On September 8th 2013, I posed the question on my Sunday talk show Speak Up America. I asked, where’s the proof that the Assad government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Syria?

So far all I’ve seen are videos of people dead or dying from an alleged gas attack. OK, I believe these Syrian people were attacked by a chemical weapons attack. But I have not seen any evidence that proves the Assad regime was, in fact, responsible.

On the other hand, I have read articles published on various sites that just the opposite is true. That the Assad regime did not do it, but that the rebels in Syria did.

First the Russian government has sent a one-hundred-page document to the United Nations supposedly proving the rebels were the guilty party.

Russia publishes 100-page report proving rebels’ involvement in chemical attack
06.09.2013 | Source:Pravda.Ru


Senator McCain stated on the O’Reilly Factor that the idea of the rebels being the source of the attack as ridiculous and an insult, but back in 2012 the Israel News Agency reported:

“Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons
A statement published by the Syrian rebels says that they have taken over a military base and found missiles with non-conventional warheads.”
Elad Benari


When the rebels overran the Assad military base and found the chemical weapons, Leon Panetta announced:

Panetta: “We Lost Track of Syrian WMDs”


So, McCain is wrong, the United Nations hasn’t said anything about the report Russia sent them and Syria has sent a notice to the world denying they did it.

Position of the Syrian government in response to allegations


Where’s all the proof that the Assad regime actually did the harm. I haven’t seen any, have you?

And why was the administration in such a hurry to attack Syria in the first place?

Why did President Obama pull a one eighty and slow the process down?

The end result is Putin looks like he’s the world leader and is actually going to do something to stop an American attack by doing what Secretary of State Kerry said couldn’t be done and America looks like what it is becoming in the eyes of the world.  Amateur Night.

As far as Senator McCain is concerned, maybe he should join the World Poker Tour.