Why I Continue What I Do

Hello Chuck,

It was good to meet you although after reading your paper I know I really missed talking to you.  First, you will notice that I can’t spell nothing.  We in the South spell and pronounce words as they sound.  Like Arkansas is pronounced Ark-en-saw.  Our basic word education came from the holy bible.  Like we “Take and pack our stuff to go .”  But when it comes to patriotism you will find it in the South.

I know that louse of a Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas, but man I can tell you of all the guys who went to World War II, and came home with medals.  I have one cousin, who is now dead, who went into the Army early 1942, took his basic, went to the Pacific and got his discharge at the end of the war, without one leave to come home.  He was a foot soldier and he had many medals on his chest.  Times sure change.

I am subscribing to your paper and I will do this with your permission; I’ll put an ad in the Benson paper and one in the Sierra Vista paper.  I also might put one in the Dandy Dime if you don’t run one already.  Your paper is needed and I mean needed.

I’m not a patriot and I am not a politician.  I vote American independent.  That is where Rush and I disagree.  Rush is a politician and a Republican.  Well look at the Socialist Republican’s that voted against the Budget.  I counted thirty five and if the Democrats hadn’t voted thirty two votes for the Budget it would not have passed.  So you cannot trust any of them.

C-SPAN is the best thing that has happened to the people in a long time.   Now the Socialists can’t do it under cover.  I watch C-SPAN a lot but the Socialists use it to their advantage also.  It’s up to the people if they want to go on and on with the “you do your thing, I’ll do mine, leave me alone attitude,” then we are all doomed to Socialism.  If they will become concerned and stand for right and truth then Socialism will become a thing of the past.  But they (Socialists) are so embedded in our government that they aren’t going to give up easy.

What do you think of the Libertarian Party?  I know little about them but I called for information.  I belong to United We Stand America, but I’m not pleased with it because it right quick was given to greed and went for power by its members who started fighting for high seats when they thought it would succeed.  We need people who care about God and this country, not politics!

The U.N. has no benefit to the U.S.A. because we are the greatest power, we don’t need a U.N. only a Socialist like Clinton and his Democratic cronies would ever consider staying in the U.N. and if the U.S. withdrew it would die because we keep it up.

I would like to help you, if I could, with your paper. My opinion, if there is any way to cut the price of your paper.  Of course it would never be in my mind to make a profit off such a paper, but I know you must make ends meet.  If I can distribute or sell your paper I will do so.  I just wrote the NRA, they may put a membership ad in your paper.

Aaron Polston

St. David, AZ

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