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    Publius Huldah Shows Federal Gun Control Is Unlawful

    Straight Talk about an Article V Convention

    The 12th Amendment Establishes Procedures For Voting By Electors

    By Publius Huldah The long ignored 12th Amendment (ratified 1804) sets forth binding procedures for taking and counting Electors’ votes. This is what it requires: The Electors in each State are to meet and cast their votes for President; and then vote separately for Vice President.  Say a State has 13 Electors, and the voting goes like this: For President: Mr. Falconer – 6 votes Mr. Lossie – 5 votes Mr. Bell – 2 votes For Vice President: Mr. Cross – 5 votes Mr. Duncan – 5 votes Mr....

    Natural Born Citizen Explained

    Editor’s Comment: This explains “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Sec. 1, clause 5, US Constitution: How our first Presidents were “naturalized citizens” and had to be exempted from the “natural born citizen” (NBC) requirement; shows the common understanding of NBC at the time our Constitution was drafted and ratified; explains 14th Amendment citizenship; and shows why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not NBCs.’   Natural born citizen status is...

    Trashing the 12th Amendment with the National Popular Vote

    By Publius Huldah The compact for a National Popular Vote (NPV) is a destructive scheme. Yet it’s been approved by several States; and is pending in others.  Since the text of the compact no longer seems to be set forth on the NPV website, we’ll look at the NPV bill now pending in Tennessee. In a nutshell, the compact seeks to evade the 12th Amendment to our Constitution (where the States elect the President); and substitutes a national popular vote where inhabitants of major metropolitan...


    Editor’s Comment: This is a not so easy read for me and I would assume for many. While reading this I disagreed with the author and then agreed only to go back to disagreeing. I will read it again and I will make firm what I believe and post a follow up review. I was not originally going tgo post this until I was in full agreement, but I believe we should all have a chance to read and make comments based on what we know and what the author is telling us. One of the primary things I take from...