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    Dedicated to the return to the constitution as written by our forefathers, The return of common sense in our laws, the return of morality in our
    Decisions, and the proliferation of environmental truth.

    PSA– Dr. Ben Carson

    Dr Ben Carson talks about healthcare in America

    PSA – Media Meets the Greens

    PSA – Man Made Global Warming – The Cause

    Everyone with half a brain has now figured out the Man Made Global Warming is no more than a front for the redistribution of wealth and pain around the world. The Greens have tried to manipulate the science and had pretty much gotten away with it, but a lie of that magnitude was bound to start leaking the truth. What’s amazing to me is that scientists, like Phil Jones, head of the CRU at East Anglia, and Michael Manne, creator of the now rebuked “Hockey SticK Chart,” are willing...

    PSA — Syria

    Most people don’t know that when the United Nations Charter was agreed to and signed, in 1947, it was only agreed to when they added the the United Nations would not be allowed to interfere with internal affairs of any member state. The nations that formed the UN did not want the UN meddling in their national affairs. The UN was only allowed to get involved with matters between nations. It seems the UN is shredding their charter as fast as America is shredding our Constitution. Listen to my...

    NEW Radio PSA — Global Warming????

    You all know I have a radio talk show every Sunday at 4:00PM, Tucson AZ time on KVOI AM or While I try to stick to Constitutional issues, this Sundays show is dedicated to Man Made Global Warming, err, Global Warming, oops, Climate Change. I’m doing it because the unConstitutional EPA is really ramping up with new regulations and I believe BOB is going to be pushing for the Cap and Trade thing that, in my minds eye, is also unConstitutional. I have also made a :45 second PSA because...

    CO2 – We Call It Life

    PSA — Global Warming Lie “The Heartland Institute”