Babbitt At It Again

The environmentalists have enjoyed over thirty years of free handed regulating and that is one of the primary causes of this countries problems.  With that said, the uninformed would classify me as someone who is for dirty air and water, which is eons from the truth.  The truth is that environmental science has pulled the wool over the eye’s of Americans for far too long.

Mr. Babbitt claims that the GOP and the “Contract” are trying to “roll back three decades of conservation regulation.”  It’s more like roll back preservation regulation.  Democrats depend on “feel good” sounding positions that have nothing to do with the science of sound conservation or human protection in environmental issues.

He states the GOP wants to “Open Alaska’s pristine wilderness to oil drilling.”  When ever Mr. Babbitt gets from one location to another, in this vast wonderful country whether it be by air or car, he is using oil.  We live in a world dependent on oil.  Leaving that aside, calling the Alaskan coastal region “pristine” is like calling an ice cube a putting green.  The words he uses are designed to tug at the heart strings of Americans.

The truth is, the region that is under consideration is on the coast of northeast corner of Alaska and is described as a desolate, wind swept frozen strip of land.  It is however a part of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR.)  The ANWR is 19 million acres, the size of South Carolina, and 92 percent is off limits to development.  The strip along the coastline is considered to have oil reserves as large as the pools in Saudi Arabia.  What a boom to our economy and dependence on foreign oil this would be.

Mr. Babbitt also states the GOP wants to take the right of American’s to know about toxic chemicals.  The real issue is how a “toxic” chemical is defined.  In their anti-technology campaign, environmentalists have been able to convince politicians that any amount of any substance that could be considered a carcinogen should be removed from our lives.  It has long been known that “all things are poison,”  and that only the dose determines which is poison to humans.  In other words, eating turkey can kill you because there is a carcinogen in turkey.  The only problem is you have to eat three tons at one sitting.   The fact that all things are, in fact, poison means the environmentalists can use the fear of “cancer causing” in the war against technology as Mr. Babbitt supports.  The GOP doesn’t want to “effectively repeal the Clean Water Act” as Mr. Babbitt states, they want a Clean Water Act that uses sound science “effectively.”

Mr. Babbitt states that the GOP wants to “Block reform of a 23 year old mining law that gives billions of dollars in public land minerals to foreign and U.S. conglomerates.”  Convincing the American people that undiscovered gold, in the ground, has value is one of the environmental movement’s greatest accomplishments.

The truth is, in every country around the world, that is run by dictatorship or some other form of tyrannical government, the “public” land is off limits to the public.  It is the Mining Act of 1872, that gave the people the opportunity to go into “them thar hills” and make their fortune, that sets America apart from other countries.  As far as corporations are concerned, he fails to mention the millions of dollars a company must invest to find the gold or oil and the jobs created.  He doesn’t mention the fact that, in America, cement on airport runways covers more ground than hard rock mining.

Have you ever flown across the U.S.A.?  What do you see?  A whole lot of empty land.

If Babbitt would have been around during the Oklahoma Land Rush he would have opposed it on the grounds that we shouldn’t give valuable land away at no charge!  Babbitts’ definition of the “people” is another way of saying the government.  If an evil government wants to take land away from the people the best way to do this is to create another National Park.  How many National Parks do we need?  According to environmentalists like Babbitt, all of America should be a national park with pockets of areas that evil resource consuming humans can live in.

Babbitt also claims the GOP wants to “Strangle the Endangered Species Act!”  Any law that would allow the spending of $88,236,000 on the Atlantic Green Turtle, $70,252,000 on the Blunt Nosed Lizard and spend $413,000 PER FLY for the Delhi Sands Fly needs to be strangled.  They are spending $250,000 PER wolf to reinstate the wolves in Yellowstone when the animal is killed by the hundreds in other states by government hunters.

Babbitts article also stated the GOP wanted to “Accelerate clear cutting in the ancient forests (Alaska and the Northwest.)  If a car increases its speed from one mile per hour to five miles per hour it also has “accelerated.”

The price of paper has doubled in the last year and trees are dying all over America.  Trees are a renewable resource that we use in over 400 products a month in our lives.  Environmentalists have done a great job in making the term “old growth” sound like Bambi was just born.  The truth is, trees have a life cycle just as humans do.  After the seed matures into a seedling, then a tree, it grows and then it dies.  While it is growing it gives off oxygen and after it dies it is no longer of any use.  Except to disease and insects that kill trees on a daily basis.

Human’s need trees for homes and just as the price of newsprint for your newspaper has gone up, the environmental position raises the price of wood for American homes.  As a result, the people who are most affected are those who are trying to qualify for homes at the low end.

As far as this American is concerned, the Democratic position of embracing environmental pseudo-science is one reason humans should reject the liberal platform.  Over 3500 scientists and intellectuals worldwide have signed the Heidelberg Appeal calling for the return to sound science and the rejection of “feel good” science based on emotion.

In all science it is a question of scale.  As Andrew Kinney once said, “You can put urine, at body temperature, into a bucket of sea water at ambient temperature and there will certainly be a warming of the sea water.  But it does not follow that if you pee into the ocean, you will melt the polar ice caps.”  Mr. Babbitt and his earth worshiping Greens represent the kind of science that believes you would melt the polar ice caps by peeing in the ocean.

Mr. Babbitt and his boss Al Gore represent the worst kind of thinking for America and that is why the “Contract” is supported and must go forward.

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