Government Shutdown: A Crisis or the Constitution in Action?

Considering many members of this site, “Speak Up America,” are from outside the United States, I think it would be appropriate to explain just how our government got into the situation it finds itself.

If you listen to the American main stream media and the Senator Harry Reid, the current government shutdown is a crises brought upon by the evil forces of a few related to what they call the Tea Party. Senator Reid and his democrats are doing their best to mention the “Tea Party” in every interview or speech they give concerning the current shutdown.

When Senator Reid says or implies the Tea Party is a radical bunch of anarchists, he is flat wrong. Congressmen and Senators are elected in their State by a majority of the people, in their State, who vote for each of them. These American voters are called constituents, and in our system the Congressmen and Senators are required, by the Constitution, to represent their constituents

In fact, what is happening right now is the Constitution doing what it does best. It’s making sure a minority group of people, or States, have a say in how the American people are governed. Our forefathers were very keen on the idea of balancing the power and authority between the branches of government to insure the people could not be forced into any rule they don’t want.

So, what is Senator Reid’s main complaint? He’s upset that the House of Representatives has the authority to pass spending bills and he doesn’t like the fact that the House doesn’t want to fund ObamaCare. He says it is a constitutionally passed law that was upheld by the Supreme Court.

But is it?

In the beginning, then Speaker Pelosi announced “we have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill.” So the Democratic majority in the House did just that, they passed the bill without reading the bill. I doubt there were any of the original framers of the Constitution who would have accepted that statement from anyone. Who, in their right mind believes we have a Congress that should not read the bills they pass into law? It may make a funny sound bite, but this is serious.

In the Senate, ObamaCare was passed while the Democrats had sixty seats, a super majority. They had enough seats to legitimately pass a law, but it had to be a constitutional law and there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to provide anything to do with health care.

Regardless it was passed only after special backroom deals were made with the senators from Florida, Nebraska and Louisiana. Back room deals, arm twisting and special kickbacks will not be found anywhere in our Constitution. All this and they held the majority in both houses.

Then, when the law was reviewed by the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts tied himself into a knot trying to figure out a way to give it the Supreme Court’s blessing and ended up rewriting the law so it could be OK’d as a tax. The Constitution does not allow anyone to create law but the Congress of the United States. What Justice Roberts did was unconstitutional.

So with this kind of track record, anyone who could call this a Constitutionally passed law can’t be talking about the United States Constitution.

While Senator Reid may complain the House of Representatives are doing something that is hurting the nation, what they are doing is absolutely Constitutional. It’s just another part of the checks and balances the founding fathers threw into the mix.

Harry and his Democrats seem to view their responsibility in a different way. They appear to believe when they are voted into office by their constituents, they were voted in to office to represent the Democratic Party and not their State.

So there you have it, a law born outside of the Constitution, upheld by an unconstitutionally molded Supreme Court decision and yet our Constitution is still defending us by having the purse strings held by the House of Representatives.

It’s time for Senator Reid to begin to listen to the People’s House and start working within the document he swore to preserve, protect and defend. He needs to get back to the Constitution of the United States.