Long QUORA Question and Long Answer

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed into law congressional legislation which supported the protesters, despite angry objections from Beijing, with which he is seeking a deal to end a damaging trade war what are your thoughts?

Charles H Diaz

I remember World War II, I remember when my mom, my aunt, my grandma and I were sitting on the floor listening to FDR announce the bombing of Pearl Harbor and declaring war on Japan. My family may have immigrated from Mexico, but we were 100% Americans. America was united and we all pitched in to beat the Japs and the Nazi’s.

During WWII we helped the Soviet Union because we had a common foes, Hitler and Japan, but we didn’t trade with them. During the cold war we didn’t trade with any communist country and when Cuba fell to Castro’s communism, we stopped trade with them. Obama tried to help the communist regime in Cuba and Trump put an end to that, rightly so.

So why do we trade with our number one enemy? It sure as hell isn’t Russia, no matter what the globalist’s want us to believe. I’ve always loved our country and I’m a huge supporter of Donald Trump, but I oppose one thing. Trade with Communist China.

I’m not surprised the media and globalists are spinning Trumps trade actions against China as the worst possible thing. They say he doesn’t know what he’s doing and should stop the trade war with COMMUNIST China. They want us to kow-tow to Communist China.

To call what’s going on with China a trade war is not being honest with ourselves. Trump is fighting a war bigger than the Cold War with the former Soviet Union. He’s showing leadership beyond compare and people nitpick his tweets.

I realize people and nations don’t want to lose money, but why not be honest about the economic and ideological war we are in with COMMUNIST China?

We never traded with the former Soviet Union, why in the hell are we trading with a COMMUNIST country that lies, steals, cheats, manipulates and has a horrible human rights record?

Did you know that half of the Chinese population are basically slave laborers? Why do you think the products come so cheap?

Did you know Xi is an absolute dictator with control of the media, the military, the government, the judicial and any other arm of anything in China. He does so with an Iron Fist. They do not respect the rule of law, their trials are like show trials.

To do business in China they force our companies to share their intellectual property. They force technology transfers. Then they copy it and compete with our companies. They make all the money from America and then send us Fentanyl.

Did you know the COMMUNIST party is represented by about twenty families and a total of approximately 200,000 senior members? That’s 200,000 members who control 1.5 Billion human beings with an iron fist. That 200,000 elite COMMUNISTS cost the Chinese people about $1 Trillion a year to maintain the salaries, vacations, resorts and lavish lifestyle.

Did you know they still murder people on a daily basis? They have real concentration camps today and China is on the UN Human Rights Council. What a crock!

Did you know they harvest human body parts from prisoners who are selected? They sentence the prisoner to death and stay the execution to a later date so the wealthy around the world, who can afford it, can make reservations to have the body part they need scheduled in advance. And on the day it’s needed the prisoner is executed and the body part is removed all nice and fresh for the elite.

They use many of the Falun Gong religion because it was banned in 1999 and the round up started by Jiang Zemin

April 25th 1999, 10,000 Falun Gong protested and that gave Zemin the OK to clamp down.

In China no person is allowed religious belief unless it is a Communist Party approved religion.

We should have never allowed COMMUNIST China into the World Trade Organization.

Did you know president Obama approved a deal giving the Port of Long Beach to China on a forty-year lease? The second largest sea port and Obama leased it to our enemy? Trump recently reversed that deal and now an Australian company has it. I’m not sure I like that either. Long Beach is on OUR soil and why in the hell can’t we run it?

It was bad enough when president Carter gave the Panama Canal back to Panama. We built it with our taxpayer money and a Democrat gives it away. Now China has a ninety-nine-year lease to operate it. Are we nuts?

I hope our president bans all trade with China, bans all manufacturing in China, bans all Chinese investments in the USA and bans Huawei. And now I hope we ban NBA basketball in China or make them choose between the USA or Communist China. The NBA players who didn’t learn a thing in college need to take a one semester course on the Chinese Communist government.

We need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves why we traded our values for a cheaper iPhone. Why the NBA will ignore all the atrocities Communist China commits on a daily basis for what? Money? We now sell our souls and values to the highest bidder?

The NBA player who said “we respect China’s great history” has no idea what he’s talking about. The Communists under Mao’s direction wiped out Chinese history during the Four Olds.


“The Four Olds or the Four Old Things was a term used during the Cultural Revolution of 1966–76 in the People’s Republic of China to refer to the attempts of Communists to destroy elements of Chinese culture pre-communism. The Four Olds were: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. The campaign to destroy the Four Olds began in Beijing on August 19, 1966, shortly after the launch of the Cultural Revolution.” (Sounds like what some people are trying to do here in America, doesn’t it?)

During that “cultural revolution” Mao murdered an estimated forty million Chinese. His own citizens!

Is that the Chinese history the NBA honors?

For the first time in my life I’m ashamed of America. How can we take a knee to such evil in the name of the dollar? When was God replaced by the DOLLAR? Communism is evil and we are supporting it.

Trump is doing what no other president would do and he’s trying his best, but we need to let him know we won’t accept dealing with ANY communist country in the world. We all KNOW it has to be done.

America must get back to our values and reject dealing with Communist China. Please share this, we need to stop dancing with the devil.