Best Nationalism Video


American Nationalism is in the daily news and we can’t stop defending it. The other night Tucker had this professor on his show and he hit it out of the ballpark with his explanation of Nationalism. We need to spread this around the world and let Macron of France stay on his Vive La E.U.!

He’s also full of Globalist baloney.

I’ll stay with USA, USA, USA!!!!!!

Our president is the president of the United States of America, not the world and he’s taking flak from the left.



We need to defend our president, our country and our American Nationalism. We can’t allow the Left to define our words. They do it to shut us up and you need to spread the words that you are an American Nationalist and proud of it!

I made an attempt to explain Nationalism and I added American to it because I’m an American Nationalist. If you haven’t read it you can go here to read it. Just click on the Title.