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Is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez drawing disproportionate attention and criticism because the right wing see her, and what she represents, as a threat to their status quo?

I love these questions that accuse us of something while asking us a question./ It’s a real art of deception.

We oppose AOC because she has the IQ of a plant. She is a rabid socialist/communist who by the grace of the stupidity in her district she won a race with about 15,000 votes. She thinks that allows her to determine the future of the world when all it means is she should represent the people in her district.

When she opposed the Amazon deal by saying they could use the 3 Billion dollars in tax breaks for hiring more teachers, fixing the subway and provide more jobs. The stupidity of that statement should disqualify her as a representative.

She had no clue the 3 Billion in tax breaks doesn’t exist as actual money. She didn’t know the 25,000 jobs that would be created would bring millions in tax revenue to the City and State of New York.

She reminds me of the time Representative Johnson thought Guam would tip over if we added more Marines.

The only thing wrong with AOC is she doesn’t know how much she doesn’t know.


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