QUORA Question About Changing Political Parties

“People who’ve changed their minds about very fundamental political principles, what made you change your mind?”

Answered by Chuck Diaz

I was born into a family of Democrats during the FDR years. When he dies I was eight years old and had never lived under any other president. I wasn’t really aware of anything political except they taught us everything that was happening during WW II in school. The teacher would read the headlines, the battles and the atrocities committed by the Japs. FDR was often referred to.

As I grew up I was too busy working my way out of South Central Los Angeles and the pay check to pay check poor life I grew up in. During the late 60’s I was an atheist liberal and lived the life of one. I never voted.

Later in life I was in a car accident and had to wear a back brace for about three months. I was rear ended by a woman. I could only sit and watch TV so I started watching C-SPAN. I watched it everyday and it became like watching a soap opera and I got to know all the politicians. I would know what they were going to say before they said it. Not really, but I knew what side of the issue they were on.

When Ted Kennedy made a speech about how the government needed to help Mexicans that did it for me. I knew I was against the liberal thought process. As an American of Mexican descent I didn’t need or want any help from anyone. It implies I am not able and I am able.

I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Tucson Citizen newspaper. I thought they might print a paragraph or two, if I was lucky. To my surprise they printed the entire letter, but they changed the Title. My title was “What It Means to be an American.”

Within a couple of days I was called by all the local radio stations and at the same time I started a newsletter that included my thoughts on the far left environmental movement. Having been a CEO and dealt with high ranking businessmen I would call the actual scientists and get my information from the horses mouth. I was surprised at how many were willing to talk to me

I soon had my own talk show and then later a TV show. It all happened within a year or two and I never called myself a liberal or a Democrat again. Finally, God came back into my life and things have been outstanding since then.