Science by Consensus

What I wrote in this article back in 1992 is still relevant today.

By Chuck Diaz, 1992

Probably the most disturbing thing that has happened in the last number of decades is the acceptance of “science by consensus.” Americans repeatedly are bombarded with statements like “according to a poll by the XYZ Science Organization, there is a consensus among scientists that global warming is a problem that must be addressed.

The true science of yesteryear did not accept a consensus as fact. Only proof based on evidence was the yardstick used. Only proof based on empirical evidence and peer reviewed was accepted as fact. So why the change? How has science come to this ignoble point since the Salem witch trials? You guessed it, the media and the socialists in the world.

The national media is at the center of why consensus science is now accepted as a replacement for the true science of yesteryear. It seems Mr. Goebels was right. Mr. Goebels, for those of you who don’t know, was the propaganda minister for the National Socialist Party in Germany back in the 1930s. He said something to the effect that if a lie were repeated enough times it would eventually be accepted as fact.

So the media, in their quest for sensational headlines, accept what sounds like an attention getter instead of reporting facts. A media that has forgotten the old journalistic axiom, “check it out!”  Look at what’s happened at the New York Times.

To “check it out” requires searching for the truth and what’s even worse, not reporting a juicy story when the truth is not evident. The media journalists have stopped “checking it out” and in doing so have created a sloppy, unprofessional rule that governs today’s journalism. That rule allows anything to be reported as long as someone said it.

So when it comes to reporting environmental predictions of worldwide catastrophe, proof of evidence takes a back seat to the shear sensation the prediction can create.

The problem is amplified when consensus science spreads to include our forests, streams, cattle ranching, farming and mining. Virtually every aspect of our lives is now being challenged by the science of feelings and not fact. All supported by the enemy of the people, the media.

According to Howard Ris, the then executive director of the very green Union of Concerned Scientists, “To accept a ‘fact’ and not to doubt, not to search for a better understanding, is to betray the concept of science itself.”

His statement sounds great but what he wants you to believe is that once a fact has been established by proof of evidence, it should be allowable to rip it apart in the name of “searching for a better understanding.” If this is accepted, the door is open to reverse facts with feel good, look good, sound good science. Which is exactly what is happening today all over the world.

How many people are aware of the ban on DDT?  How many people are aware that the hearing examiner, after a seven month hearing and testimony of 150 scientists, declared DDT safe for humans, animals, fish and he environment? How many people are aware that the ban on DDT is killing between 2 and 8 million humans on this planet each year. Put another way, the environmental movement has and is causing the death of between 2 and 8 million humans per year.

In Africa alone, it is estimated that one million children die of malaria each year. DDT could save them but the EPA administrator, at the time of the hearings on DDT, William Ruckelhaus, decided to ban the use of DDT regardless of the facts and made what he called a decision not based on science  but a “political decision.”

How many people know that “ozone holes” were discovered as early as 1943?

In a report by two Norwegian scientists, Toensberg and Olsen, they use the word “holes” when describing a decrease in ozone. The calculations were carried out in 1943. A time BEFORE the use of CFCs. In their report they stated, “During the polar night (from December till 19 January) holes’ occur…”  They continue with “An ‘eruption like’ increase of 100 % occurs from the middle till the end of January”

How many people know that when the patent on Freon ran out and DuPont, the manufacturer of a CFC replacement, stood to make BILLIONS due to the ban on CFCs?

In a time of budget deficits, worries about social security and other entitlements, a time of major reductions in our ability to defend ourselves against potential aggressors, a time of reducing the enormous tax burden the American people are mandated to carry, how much longer are we going to accept Green pseudo-science and shabby journalism to continue to determine our direction?

Former Vice President Al Gore, while a U.S. Senator, stated in the Senate, “We have to tell our children that they must redefine their relationship to the sky, and they must begin to think of the sky as a threatening part of their environment.”

Instead of the statement landing him in the loony bin, the vote that followed, to move the ban on CFCs up to the end of 1995, passed 98 to 0. Tens of millions more will die due to that science by consensus vote.

“CFC’s come in a very poor last as the cause for lower levels of global ozone.”

Linwood Callis, Langley Research Center
NASA, Reason Magazine, June 1992
Page 30

Scientists are viewing the sunspot cycle, volcanic eruption and changing tropical wind patterns as a more likely cause of the appearance of ozone depletion.

When the amount of ozone over North America fluctuates naturally by as much as 50%, determining a decrease could very well be the result of what time of year  a reading is taken.

Alarmists know the media is waiting in the wings for any tragic pseudo-science to emerge. When the truth catches up with the premature news release, the retraction is given page 15 or ’round file’ status.

“Arguing the destruction of the ozone layer on the basis of one day’s, or a few weeks’, data is a bit like announcing the comeback of retail on evidence that takes Neiman-Marcus’s receipts from the day before Christmas and annualizes them.

Press Release: “Ozone Hole,” Review and Outlook
The Wall Street Journal, February 28, 1992

Our blundering senators hastily passed an amendment, 96 to 0, demanding that the ban on CFC’s be moved up. The President signed the bill into law the very next day!

This is what our scientific review process has become. A law passed in the United States of America because a NASA “news release” with data based on one flight of one aircraft. Our government “burned” the witch named CFC’s with as much evidence as was required in Salem to convict someone of witchcraft. All reason left them and only one course could be taken: that of the panic indicative of the true “idiots” we have representing us in Congress. Former Senator Gore (D-Tenn) a “leader” spoke out, “We have to tell our children that they must redefine their relationship to the sky, and they must begin to think of the sky as a threatening part of their environment.” This from a man who was the most “knowledgeable” congressman at the time, and who became the Vice President of the United States.

The predicted threat, the ozone hole, did not appear over America, and there is mounting evidence the “CFC” threat will turn out to be another environmental HOAX. Pseudo-scientific predictions and conclusions are constantly interrupted by the facts that nature inevitably provides.

But what did happen? Former Senator Gore chaired the Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Technology, which gives NASA its money. NASA was requesting an increased budget for its climate change program. Former Senator Gore’s book, Earth in the Balance, was published a few days before the NASA news conference, providing him with a baseball bat to motivate the President to go to Rio and sign the “Global Warming” hoax treaty.

Way to go Mr. Gore!