The Fall of California

By posting this video I will probably again be called some kind of racist or White Supremacist. It’s not true, but as time passes it’s getting harder to be an American who loves his country without being called a White Supremacist living in the lap of White privilege.

Because our American culture was created by a vast majority of White colonists from 1607 in Jamestown to White Americans creating and signing our Constitution in 1787 and beyond, the Left can use what are truly American values as signs of evil white superiority. They teach our young to hate Whitey and a growing percentage of university students are turning towards socialism because they are ashamed of America and Capitalism..

I hope you get what I just said.

American values are being perceived as White superiority values and therefor White Americans are the enemy of anyone who isn’t White. It’s another case of the Left controlling the narrative and we Americans seem helpless to fight back. The Democrats don’t care if a crisis hits our country, it’s in their best interest. Remember what Rahm Emanuel said about never letting a crisis go to waste.

California is already a Mexican style State with very few and extremely wealthy elites and the poorest in America. The middle class is fleeing California and for good reason.This is because other races are not assimilating to our American Western culture. They are bringing Mexico to America and they must be stopped.

Last night I watched three videos about California, Southern California and finally this one. The first two were made in 1947 and 1953 and the attitude of the producers were upbeat, very pro industry, pro oil, pro business, pro California and pro America.

The third is titled “The Fall of California.” It is so disheartening, but you must watch it. Get a sense of how it was and what has happened.

Only by learning our past can we begin to protect and fix our future. Listen to this very closely.


There aren’t just Mexican workers crossing our border illegally, there are Mexican socialists and Mexican communists in the mix. They love stirring the pot and creating havoc and that’s what life in California has become, havoc. They must be found and deported. The wall must be built and immigration laws strictly enforced.

We must stop the spread of the illegal mentality and fight for America here and now. We are approaching a point when we won’t be able to fix America’s problems Constitutionally.

We can’t allow what is happening in California to spread.