What Should POTUS Do About Khashoggi?

It shouldn’t matter.

Our President has a huge problem and the liberals in this country could care less. Actually the liberals all over the world could care less. He has a supposed murder of a journalist and is expected to hold Saudi Arabia responsible.

At the same time Saudi Arabia is our partner in trying to gain stability in the Middle East. The new crowned prince is helping in the Arab Israel talks and opening doors for Israel. They are partners in our dealings with Iran.

We completed a $110 BILLION dollar arms deal that will help sustain jobs in America till 2030 and there are those how want to punish the American workers as retribution. That makes NO sense!

AND, if we cancel the arms deal, Russia will be happy to replace us. Or maybe China. Democrats would rather go to war than find another way to get their piece of red meat, but I will back our president and hope he figures a way to keep the contract.

I’m having a problem determining president Trump, America and our workers should be in the middle of a situation where a Saudi citizen is killed by the Saudi government outside the United Sates in a country named Turkey. What has that to do with America’s security, our position in the Middle East or the American worker?

Anything I’ve said above does not mean I approve of what the Saudi’s are charged with, but it isn’t an easy answer and I don’t want the American worker to pay for it.

I’m with the American workers and we need all the contracts we can get and we must figure a way to satisfy the anti America crowd.