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    Editor’s Message – I Am A Constitutionalist

    There have been many occasions when I have been asked if I’m a Conservative, a Republican, a Libertarian etc. In my lifetime I have been a Democrat, an atheist and much more. I had never voted until 1992 at age 55.

    My current beliefs started around age 40 when I knew I was not thinking the right way. I knew I was a Capitalist and believed in a Free Market, but I was very Liberal minded. As time passed I identified myself as a Conservative, but not a Republican.

    By 1992 I knew I opposed what Bill Clinton was proposing, and most of the Democratic platform, so that made me vote Republican. Now I know, more than ever, I am a Constitutionalist and I believe if each American really understood the Constitution and Bill of Rights, most of them would agree.

    Believing in the Constitution crosses all Political and Social lines. If you understand it, you would realize it protects you to be and think whichever way you want. It protects every American from an abusive FEDERAL government.

    But when I say it protects you “to be and think whichever way you want,” I don’t mean you can try to overthrow our government as is the case with Communists whose sole goal, I believe, is to do just that. Regardless of what any Communist says, they don’t like property rights, free markets or a truly free people.


    • Jeopardy – Dee

      After reading your comments about the Constitution, your personal history, your overview of Communism, I just wanted to tell you how much I respect and admire your views on the world and our place (these united States) in it. Thank you, Mr. Diaz. I look forward to visiting your site and reading your book.

    • supportteam

      Right post.

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