How To Get Rid Of Unwanted AVATARS (The Hard Way)

I think I have a way to get rid of the Avatars you don’t like. It’s cumbersome, but it works.
Place your cursor over the Avatar, it will immediately cause a larger pop up window to appear.
Ignore the larger Avatar and move your cursor to the smaller Avatar and right click
Scroll all the way down to “inspect element and click on that.
The bottom half of your screen will appear with lines of code.
There will be a couple of lines already selected with the blue

Hit delete and the Avatar goes poof! Yes you have to do it every time.
Close the code window with the X at the extreme upper right of the code window.
I know this is cumbersome, but I will share it with DisQus and maybe now they will include it in the Collapse feature.

This will only work until you “refresh” your screen, then it pops back up. It’s a start.