Originally Written January 18, 2003

By C. Howard Diaz


Ever since Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb” and Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”, the socialists of the world have found environmentalism to be their flagship. Case in point, Mikhail Gorbachev, the self proclaimed “communist forever” heads the Green Cross with its HQ’s in San Francisco and Costa Rica.

The extreme anti growth movement would love to make the famine happen that Ehrlich predicted in his 1960’s book, but the only way to do that would be to convince America and the world that pesticides are bad for humans. (UhOh) To accomplish that the socialists are proving a Confucius Proverb that said, “An uneducated people are a docile people.” We are currently graduating idiots.

In The Environmental Handbook created for Earth Day, 1970 it stated that we:
work toward reducing the current three and a half billion people to something less than one billion. (The 3 ½ billion were in 1970.) (Garrett De Bell. Environmental Handbook. Earth Day, 1970.)

In Dr. Ehrlich’s book, “The Population Bomb”, he had a suggestion on how to accomplish the reduction:

Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve (population) control.” “One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of antidotes would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size.”

How about banning DDT? What better way to reduce population than to reduce the food supply and let millions of humans die? The problem for the anti-growth nuts is technology has prevented the famines predicted by Ehrlich and food production has increased because of pesticides. But you won’t stop hearing how bad they are for you. Some of you actually are stupid enough to believe organic foods are better for you.

By the way, after a seven month hearing on DDT, that included testimony from over 150 scientists, the hearing examiner’s conclusion was

“In my opinion, the evidence in this proceeding supports the conclusion that there is a present need for the essential uses of DDT.

DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man.

DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic hazard to man.

The uses of DDT under the registrations involved do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds or other wildlife.”

Edmund Sweeny, DDT Hearing Examiner Congressional Record, July 24, 1972, p. 24,976.

Seven months of hearings, testimony by 150 scientists and 9,362 pages of testimony caused Judge Sweeny to come to that conclusion and still the EPA administrator, William Ruckelshaus, banned the use of DDT.

Why did Mr. Ruckelshaus, then EPA administrator, ban DDT? It was only two years earlier that Mr. Ruckelshaus had supported DDT. How could a man, who had not attended one day of the hearings or not read any of the papers that came to the conclusion the examiner reported, in good conscience overrule the hearing examiner? Was it because he was a lawyer?

When asked, “does DDT actually cause thin eggshells?” Ruckelshaus response was,

“Viewing the evidence as a total picture, a preponderance supports the conclusion that DDT does cause eggshell thinning. Whether or not the laboratory data above would sustain this conclusion is beside the point. For here is laboratory data and observational data, and in addition, a scientific hypothesis, which might explain the phenomenon.” (Congressional Record July 24, 1972 Page 24976)

In fact the laboratory data did not support the conclusion.

But what Mr. Ruckelshaus was saying was, that if enough people believe that DDT was bad and caused thinning eggshells, that was enough of a reason to ban it. Just the belief! (WOW! the birth of CONSENSUS science)

Years later, Ruckelshaus admitted that:

decisions by government involving the use of toxic substances are political…In the case of pesticides, the power to make this judgment has been delegated to the Administrator of EPA. (Trashing the Planet, Dr. Dixy Lee Ray, Page 69)

With all the lies and deception that went on during the effort to get DDT banned the methodology blueprint for pushing the environmental agenda was born.

A leading spokesman for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) said in 1969,

If the environmentalists win on DDT they will achieve, and probably retain in other environmental issues, a level of authority they have never had before. In a sense, then, much more is at stake than DDT.” (Congressional Record, Page 24975)

In other words, just as the Greens created the Spotted Owl problem to halt logging, they had created the DDT problem years before to start their assault on humanity. An assault that has killed, no murdered, black and brown people around the world.

Yes, black and brown people. Not many white people, but black people and brown people. Almost all the 2.5 million people, who die each year, quoted from Dr. Ray’s book are black people or brown people.

The ban on chlorine and other pesticides will also have an affect on the black and brown people of the world.

Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring,” the pseudo-scientific book that gave the Greens the ammunition they needed, the media, who are willing accomplices to the Green deception and the Socialists of the world are all responsible for the deaths of millions of humans.

Let’s forget that in 1970 the National Academy of Sciences had written about the discovery of DDT,

To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. In little more than two decades DDT has prevented 500 million deaths, due to malaria, that would otherwise have been inevitable.”

So let’s let the Green’s celebrate Earth Day’s and the leftist liberals help destroy the U.S through the UN. And let’s light a candle for all the humans that have died and will die so the elite white city slickers can go on a picnic and throw around a Frisbee.


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