KBEE – OZONE Chapter Four: Jonny’s Plan

by Suzzanne Hauser and C Howard Diaz

 Jason was looking forward to explaining his plan to the others and getting to the bottom of Kory and his secret ways.  He had a couple of hours before dinner and was headed out to do some preparation when he saw Jonny talking to Kory.

  “Now what’s she up to?” Jason thought to himself.

 “She’s gonna blow it and we’ll never know if Kory is a spy or not.”

He decided to put his work off until later and walked to where Jonny and Kory were talking.

 “Hey Jason,” Jonny said as Jason approached.  “Kory here was just telling all about life at the Kremlin.  Did you know his father was some big hotshot before the fall?”

 Kory looked uneasy and adjusted the glasses on his face.  “I didn’t exactly say hotshot, Jonny.  I said he held a position within the Soviet space program.”

 “So what does he do now?” Jason asked.

 “Umm, well, he’s sort of independent.  He stays home a lot and works in his tab.  He’s working on a new composition for spacesuits.  He’s very involved in his work.  I don’t get to see him much.  “

 “Sounds like my dad,” said Jason.  “He’s always working on some project I can’t figure out.”

 “You know,” Jonny thought out loud.  “If everyone is so worried about the sun and cancer and the ozone disappearing, why don’t we all just wear spacesuits instead of clothes.  I mean, wouldn’t it be a lot easier than figuring out what to wear everyday, anyway?”

 “Haven’t you been listening to the Colonel?  There’s really nothing to be afraid of.,” Jason reminded.

 But just think of it.  We all wear spacesuits with big clear helmets.  We wouldn’t have to worry about pollution or sun burn or anything.  “

 “Yeah, we’d just be tired all the time from lugging the weight around, ” teased Kory.  “I told you my dad works with those suits. 

 And believe me they are heavy.  It may not make a difference when you’re out in space with zero gravity, but I couldn’t even lift it off the table!      Besides, we need sunshine.  It provides vitamin D to help our bones be strong and our immune system healthy.”

 “Jonny, don’t you remember hearing one of the councilors talking about England when they first built all the factories and all the kids were getting sick and dying?

They thought it was from all the smog that the factories produced.  But really it was because the people lived and played in the shadows of the factory buildings.  They never got to be in the sun. 

 Especially in London where it rains all the time anyway.  Once they figured out what was wrong, no one got sick anymore.”

 “Well, maybe, but I still think it would be coot to wear a spacesuit around.  Maybe they could just build a big bubble for everyone to live@ with just enough sun coming through to be healthy.  “

 “Sometimes you amaze me Jonny,” Jason shook his head.  We already have a big bubble, the ozone layer.  And it does keep the sun and other harmful elements out.  That’s what we’ve been learning all week!”

 From behind them a stern voice called to Kory. It was Moose.

 “I have to go,” Kory said.  I “See you at dinner.  ” Kory took off in a run toward Moose who was carrying some large paper in his hands.”

 “Look,” Jonny squealed. “Moose has got blueprints.”

 “What, do you mean that paper he’s carrying?  How do you know they’re blueprints?”

 “Hey listen, Jason, my mom is an architect.  Believe me, I know blueprints when I see them.  She tries to work at home so she can be with me.  Sometimes she lets me help her work.  She’s even taught me how to read some of them… Hey, that’s it.  We’ve got to get into Kory’s room so I can read the blueprints.  Then we’ll know what they’re planning.”

Heather and Richard walked up.  “Jonny, what’s that wild took you’ve got?” Heather mused.

“Have I got the best plan ever.  ” Jonny nodded her head with a glazed look in her eye.

 Heather warned.  “Whatever it is Jonny, count me out and if you two were smart you’d forget it as well.”

 “Don’t worry.  I’ve already got my own plan, remember?” Jason reminded.

 “Come on Jason, just listen.  Then if it doesn’t work we can give your plan a shot.  ” Jonny begged.  “I promise it’ll be easy and no one will ever find out.”

“I’m gonna hate myself for listening to you, but go ahead.

What’s the plan?” Jason said.

The plan was set.  Jason couldn’t believe that he was actually going to help Jonny sneak into Kory’s room.  But here he was calling room service and asking for three bowls of ice cream to be sent up to room 220.  The room right below his.  Kory’s room.

 “Ok, it’s ordered.  Let’s get down there and wait for the cart.”

Jason followed Jonny and Richard down the stairs to the second floor.  They waited a few minutes until the bus boy strolled the room service cart down the corridor.  Then they made their move.

Richard went first.  “Hey mister.  Are those hot fudge sundaes?  I love ice cream.  Can I have one?”

 “Get away kid.  If you want one, go to the dining room and order one.  These are for someone else.”

 “Oh come on, just a taste.  You have three.  Richard leaned forward, grabbed one and ran down the hall.”

 “Hey you kid, get back here.” The busboy yelled and chased Richard down the hall.  Jonny quickly jumped on the bottom of the cart underneath the cloth.

 “Can you see?  she asked Jason.

 Jason straightened the skirt around the cart.  “No, I can’t see you, but be quiet here comes the bus boy.  “

 “Hey you,” the busboy yelled to Jason.  “Get away from that cart.”

 Sorry, I was just walking by.” Jason held back a giggle.  Then glanced back as the busboy knocked on Kory’s door and pushed the cart through.

 “She’s been in there for hours,” Richard worried as he and Jason sat in the stairwell down the hall from Kory’s room.  I hope they haven’t found her.”

 “The door above them opened and they held their breaths.  But it was only Heather.  “I just came down to see if you’d been killed yet. Where’s Jonny?” she asked.

 “She’s still in there.  Maybe we should go call room service again and ask them to take the cart away.  ” Jason suggested.

 But before they could get up, they heard the sound of a door opening and peaked through to see Moose pushing the cart outside the door.

 Jonny quickly slid from the shelf and raced towards the stairwell.  All four jumped three stairs at a time and didn’t took back until they were safety inside Jason and Richard’s hotel room.

 Jonny flopped on the flowered bedspread panting.  “Wow, that was fun.”

 “What did you find out?” Heather asked.

 “How’s your Russian?” Jonny asked.

 “What?  Come on Jonny, we’ve been waiting forever.  What happened in there?” Jason was getting angry.

 “Nothing.  Beside a few words here and there, I didn’t understand a thing they said.

 They spoke in Russian the whole time, except to say how much they like the ice cream.  The rest of the time they rustled those blueprints but I couldn’t get a good look at them.

 They did use some technical terms like fuselage and power pack so I just know that they got some spy plans to steal a rocket.  I only wish I could speak Russian so we could figure out how.” Jonny pouted.

 “Ok, the sneak-in-on-a-cart plan didn’t work.  Now we put my plan into action.” Jason rubbed his palms together.  ” But for this one Heather, we’re going to need you.  “