How much did you learn from the adventures of camp K-Bee.  The following questions will help you realize all you’ve learned.


1) Where is the largest harvested forest area in the United States?

a) Southern States   b) North Eastern U.S.    c) Pacific Northwest


2) Within this area, on an average, how many trees grow in an acre?  a) 200    b) 400   c) 2500


2)  How many acres of trees are there within our nation’s 2.3 billion acre land base?

a) 749 million b) 3 billion      c) 24 million


3)  Besides commercial timber land, what is another type of forest?  a) national park            b) wildlife refuges      c) preserves    d) all of the above.


4) Within national parks, tree harvesting is allowed.   True       False____


5)  Trees are a renewable natural resource.  True___  False___


6)  List 5 items you use everyday that are made from wood.


1_______________  2_______________  3_______________


4______________      5__________________


7)  Using photosynthesis, trees are able to turn ____________ into ________________ for us to breath?


8)  What are the two most common types of tree harvesting?


_______________ and __________________


9)  Cinnamon which comes from the bark of a __________ tree.


10) Which of the following are non-renewable natural resources

a) plastic  b) cement, c) steel d) all of the above


11)  All trees are the same.  True____  False____


12)  Within the forest there are areas considered “new growth” which means they have been planted within the last ___ years.


13)  A tree must be ______ years old to be considered “old growth”


14) New growth trees require more carbon dioxide and thus produce more oxygen than older trees.  True ____    False______


15)  Selective cutting in old growth areas actually helps young trees to grow better.

True_____    False______


16) For every tree cut, an average of six seedlings are planted.  True____  False____


17)  To help manage our forests, regulate harvesting and insure a neverending supply ofwood for America the U.S. Forest Service was established in _____.


18)  Forest lands have actually increased since the 1920’s.  True___ False____


19)  An example of how effective the U.S. Forest Service has been comes from the ________ National Forest in Arkansas.


20)  The leading cause of forest destruction today is _______


21) __________ acres of forest land is destroyed by fire each year.


22)  Other leading killers of forest land and trees in insect infestation and _________


23)  By 1987, more than 34.5 million acres of productive forest land – an area about the size of the state of ________ – had been set aside in reserves where timber management is forbidden.


24)  Though proper forest management, many wildlife species have increased such as

a) whitetail deer, b) elk, c) pronghorn antelope d) wild turkeys e) all of the above.


25)   All parts of the trees harvested are used.  True_____ False____


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