Learn the Past – Arizona’s Prop 200

Another Extremists Deception

Chuck Diaz, 1992

In Arizona the environmentalists call Proposition 200, a proposition to eliminate the steel jawed trap and essentially puts an end to trapping in the state.  Opponents to the proposition call it an anti-hunting, anti-fishing proposition.

The major bone of contention is the wording in the “Declaration of Policy,” Section 1, which states —

* That all wildlife in Arizona should be protected from inhumane exploitation;

* That it is the policy of Arizona that the public lands be safe for all creatures found thereon;

* That it is the policy of Arizona that all wildlife be managed by humane and non-lethal methods.

While the opponents on either side debate whether or not the policy statement will eventually lead to a ban on hunting and fishing in the state the real environmental agenda is being hidden.

I believe the declaration of policy will open the door to a ban on hunting in the future.  It will only take one activist judge to interpret the policy and the ballgame is over.

The real issue has nothing to do with trapping.  The environmentalists are doing what they do best.  Which is injecting emotion into decisions that should be determined by professionals.  We pay our forest services, our fish and game departments to manage our forests and wildlife.  They are the professionals and they should determine what methods should be used to manage them.

Just as the greens have brainwashed America into turning its back on pure science with claims of “global warming,” “ozone holes,” “acid rain,” and other so-called catastrophes, they are attempting to have this decision made on an emotional level.

As human beings, we are naturally kind and compassionate and the greens know that.  They take advantage of our natural compassion for a wounded animal and our instinct for kindness.

The fact is, nature is cruel!  Life for a wild animal is cruel.  A starving animal is cruel and being consumed by a predator is cruel.  In a recent National Geographic special the trials and tribulations of the Zebra’s in Africa was presented.  In one segment they stated more zebras are killed by predators in a three-day period than taken by man during an entire hunting season.  Imagine that, more are killed in a three-day period by predators!  And yet when we see one Zebra killed by a hunter we’re ready to throw the book at hunters.

More than 60,000 deer are killed on Pennsylvania highways each year and yet through proper, professional wildlife management the deer population has grown in the U.S. from 500,000 in the early 1900’s to over 25 million today.  Professional wildlife management includes hunting.  The deer may have never recovered without human intervention.

It is true that man created the problem in the first place but times were different in the 1800’s.  There was a little-known industry called “market hunting” that supplied food for a growing nation before the great ranching and distribution system that America has today.  Hunters would kill entire herds of animals or flocks of birds in one hunt for the MARKET.  This is how a growing nation fed itself.  As the ranching and raising of cattle took hold the market hunting slowly came to an end and was finally outlawed.

In this century almost, all of the game population has grown:

                                 Then           Now

Elk                         41,000        740,000

Turkey                   650,000      4,000,000

Antelope                  12,000       1,000,000

Canada Goose      1,110,000    2,500,000

Wood Ducks have gone from extinction feared to the most common breeding waterfowl in the eastern USA.

Why am I talking about these animals when I started out about Proposition 200 in Arizona?  I’m trying to impress the reader with the success of the professional management of our wildlife.  The greens know what they are doing and they are trying to disrupt the system by introducing emotion into picture.  They do this by playing on our sympathy and showing you a picture of some cub caught in a trap.

They hope Arizonans will vote to undermine the professionals they all pay for, to do the job.  Another ploy the greens use to convince you of the evil government agency is by bringing forth the ex-employee with damaging evidence of how things are really run.  Have you ever considered it is always the ex-employee the greens call the experts and the current employee with 30 years of service is always painted as Darth Vader?

The greens know human nature and they know our hot buttons.  They are becoming expert at manipulating us and they don’t need any help manipulating the media.  Have you ever wondered why the government scientist is always the liar and the scientist funded by government funds and working with his own agenda is viewed as Honest Abe?

If the steel jawed trap is ever banned, it should be by the Arizona Game and Fish department without any pressure from outside single-issue organizations.  All over America science is represented by the media scientist who releases his latest gloom and doom scenario to the media without peer review.  The greens have successfully pushed forth an agenda that calls for the acceptance of unproven hypothesis and conjecture.  The true scientists are being pushed out and they are having their funds cut even though they are in the majority.  And now they are trying to do the same thing with the forest service and the fish and game department.

It won’t stop in Arizona and they will try it in your state when they think they can present the right emotional issue.  Take heed and leave the decisions in the hands of the pro’s.                         EDA