Understanding CO2 and Parts Per Million

Greenhouse gases, CO2 and the UN’s push for some kind of limits to carbon emission is so politically driven it’s incredible. The following may be a simplified explanation about CO2 in our atmosphere, but it shows how ridiculous the UN and the grant money junk scientists are around the world.

There are 10,000 dots on the graph below.

Each dot has a value of 100. The entire graph therefore totals 1,000,000.

For this discussion, that’s ONE MILLION molecules of air.

10,000 dots times 100 = 1,000,000 molecules of air.

Also in this discussion one dot will represent 100 parts per million. (PPM) of Carbon Dioxide, CO2.

One dot, . , = one hundred PPM of CO2.

Therefore, 3 dots equal 300 parts per million.

 =  300 parts per million.


10000 Dots 2jpg

For the past century the CO2 level in our atmosphere has averaged about 350 PPM.

That’s 350 parts per million molecules of air.

On the chart above that would be 3 1/2 dots. (Three and a half)

The UN and the global warming alarmists are in a panic because the CO2 level has now reached 400 PPM

On the chart above that would be 4 dots.

Take a long look at the chart and try to single out four dots.

Those four dots represent 400 PPM.

They know most of the 400 PPM is because of the natural carbon cycle.

And they want us to believe a half a dot will end the world?

Hell, ten dots wouldn’t, but I’m not a grant money junkie scientist. I’m just an American of Mexican descent with a high school diploma and some good old common sense.

Governments around the world are granting billions to these alarmist scientist’s who are basically on the government payroll paid to sing the political song of catastrophic global warming.

There has been NO warming for the past eighteen years and they know it

Remember, CO2 is plant food!

Please learn more and watch this video The War on CO2