Comedian Becomes Ukraine President In Landslide!

This was my Reply on Jimmy’s YouTube Channel:

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! Just when I think you may actually get something right, you disappoint me again. You actually blamed Capitalism for the coup that overturned a duly elected president of the Ukraine. Capitalism? When you mentioned McCain was involved you forgot Hillary and Obama were in on it too. It had nothing to do with Capitalism and everything to do with the elected president was getting cozy with Putin. That’s when McCain, HRC and Obama went into high gear. Remember the snipers at the protest? Yep I think it was the same three and you wrongfully blamed Capitalism. Then you took some great shots at the US Intelligence outfits, but fail to mention they are the same ones Trump was complaining about. Then you were on a roll with the comedian and how he was so anti establishment (just like Trump) and you blew it with, they must want a Bernie. Will you people ever learn?