What made the 1950s America’s idea what family should be?

In 1950 I was in the 8th grade. In 1952 I started High School. In 1955 I was in the Air Force and later that year I was married. In 1956 I was a father. I think that’s a slice of what it was like to ,live in the 50’s.

In the 50’s if a kid wanted to go to a university after graduating they had to make up their mind in the 8th grade and choose a university prep major. They could also choose other majors like Art, Music, Any number of Shops, Homemaker etc. These decisions were being made by 13 year old kids and the families who could afford it. Going to college wasn’t a subject in my family.

There was no Little league or Pop Warner football, boys were treated like boys and girls were treated like girls. The way nature intended. After school and on Saturdays at the park boys played sports with each other and we decided who would play on a team, not any adults.

We knew what waiting was and what working to get better was. Kids had incentives to get better.

In-cen-tive\in-‘sen-tiv\: something that incites or has a tendency to incite determination or action.

Wow! Determination or action. How does a society incite determination or action on children as they grow?

This word and topic really gets me into trouble with today’s parents. It makes them think of me as a dinosaur from the past because I believe our society today takes incentive from our children on a daily basis. I have a ten year old grandson who plays in a full contact tackle football league, at ten years of age! I have an eight year old granddaughter that plays soccer.

They suit up with pads, cleats, helmets, the whole nine yards. Today’s parents think it’s cute to see their son Johnnie in a full football uniform at five or six. I say it takes away incentive.

Back in 1950 there was no organized sports allowed in Elementary School. Children played in loosely controlled games such as Dodge Ball, Kick Ball, Soft Ball, Tether Ball and Volley Ball. No uniforms and no trophy’s, EVER!

In Junior High they allowed general physical education for all Team sports.

The Team Sports in Junior High School were Basketball, Tag Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Track & Field, Gymnastics, and Swimming. The Physical Education Teachers would train all children in the basics of all the team sports and as the children grew in Junior High some would advance to higher training depending on ability and desire.

They would give a ribbon for individual accomplishments in track and field but nothing else. Again, no uniforms except the gym shorts and tee shirts. There was no intra school or inter-school sports in Junior High.


From Elementary School through Junior High a kid was not allowed to wear a uniform, cleats or track shoes. Those things were held as goals to be achieved in High School. It gave a kid an incentive to work and wait for. Today a kid has a dozen trophies and been there, done that with all the organized sports by the time he’s ten years old.

Everything in the 1950 mindset was to protect the kids and give them incentives to achieve. Everything in the today’s mindset is to reward all and come up with words like, “It’s not whether you won that’s important, it’s that you tried your best.” I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work for me.

I come from a, if you come in second, you’re first loser train of thought. As harsh as that may sound, it’s what kids need to learn.

But I digress.

When I got married at 18 my wife, who was also 18, only cared about ONE thing. That was having a baby. Most high school girls wanted a family after graduating from high school.

It took us four months before my wife got pregnant and each month she would cry her eyes out because she had her period. That’s how women are naturally wired.

There were no feminists, that we knew about. The father was responsible for making the money and the mom was responsible for taking care of the house, the kids and dad. In the early day while I was in the Air Force I worked two extra jobs to make it.

A man and woman needed each other to survive and it wasn’t considered a patriarchal dictatorship, it was how life was lived. Imagine in 1895 the average family lived on about a dollar and a half a day. A man and a woman needed each other just to stay alive.

Men had to work 10 hour shifts to barely scratch out a living, but they did it and they did it together. The way nature planned it, not old white males.

By the 1950’s America had gone through two world wars and the experience of WWII pushed us all together, even to the family level. The family unit was intact and if necessary we worked more than one job and didn’t bitch about it. A man was considered less of a man if his wife worked. As it should.

Starting with the feminist movement they made fun of a stay at home mom. They made women called the wives of the 50’s sound like women were oppressed.

Stay-At-Home Moms should no longer be an acceptable term and should be replaced and praised as “Moms.” Moms who work should be called Not-at-Home-Moms or Working-Moms. “Not at Home” meaning she is married and “Working” means she is not married.

The happy housewives of the past were actually happy. Hollywood and the Feminists have created the Stepford Wife lie. Women are wired to fall in love, get married, have children and spend their life teaching and protecting those children.

You tell me if the working women of today are happy. They are miserable because the truth is they are doing what does not come natural. The women of the 50’s didn’t need to be brainwashed to become happy moms, but the women of today are actually the ones who have been brainwashed into hating men, feeling they don’t need men, competing with men and not accepting the love and protection men are hardwired to provide.

So, the answer to your question is the idea of what a family should be in the 50’s wasn’t made up, it was natural. Today the phony feminist world is made up. The everyone gets a trophy is made up. The removal of the father from the American family is made up.