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    Decisions, and the proliferation of environmental truth.


    by C Howard Diaz

    Do you believe everything you read in the paper? Do you even understand it? Do you know the agenda behind news stories?

    My guess is that you hope you do. You believe in freedom of the press and want to believe that what you read in your local and national papers is an unbiased account of events taking place in our world.  Unfortunately, you’ve been deceived.  This book of quotes is intended to educate and help you understand that many of the reasonable articles you read daily are just propaganda for a socialist cause. The socialists of today are called environmentalists.

    There was a time when a scientist had a hypothesis and worked for years to prove it true or false. After results were in and before being released to the public, procedures, tests and data were required to gain peer review. If and when the scientific community validated the data, it was released to the general public.

    Today, however, it’s become an “environmentalist” scientist’s modes operandi to release untested theories to the media. The media in turn, if the story is sensational enough to sell papers, often print it as fact. And we want to believe. If there is global warming, we should inhibit it. If logging trees is destroying our forest we want it to stop.  It seems reasonable. But it’s not true.

    I assembled this book of quotes and have made comments about each quote as a free American. I did so to enlighten you about what I believe the leadership of the extreme left environmental wing of socialism is thinking about you, your children and the environment.  As you read the quotes and explanations, it will become clear that, in short, environmentalists want, more than anything else, to reduce the number of human beings on this planet and establish a world order That is their goal.

    To do this, environmental leaders have cleverly indoctrinated thousands of innocent, well-meaning people (much like Adolph Hitler must have done to the good people of Germany before he became powerful enough to show his true colors) in to thinking the earth is being destroyed, capitalism is bad and only redistribution of weatlth and adherence to environmental pseudo science will save us..

     As you read the quotes given by our “environmental leaders”, you will come to realize, as I have, that this leadership doesn’t care about you, your family or your children’s future. They want to diminish the future of the human race. “People” get in the way of earth’s “natural endangered treasures.” What the environmentalists fail to recognize is that human beings (particularly infants) are also “natural endangered treasures.”

     Through their quotes, the message comes through clearly that environmentalists want to destroy people, restrict progress and reverse industrialization. In short, environmentalists want to eliminate you!

     Environmentalist renegades have turned their back on our true scientific community. These renegades, who call themselves “scientists,” make wild statements to attract the media to invoke fear, incite mob reactions and market their own products.

    This book is a compilation of quotes and comments collected by a layman who reads and tries to understand.  This is the data that supports my hypothesis. You are my peers. Please review the facts.


    This book exists

    because outrageous

    comments have been made

    like these:


    “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.”

    Ingrid Newkirk, Executive Director, PETA, in Washington Post article, 1983


    “The right to have children should be a marketable commodity, bought and traded by individuals but absolutely limited by the state.”

    Kenneth Boulding, originator of the Spaceship Earth concept, 1982, in Progress and Privilege, by William Tucker, pp. 105-6

    The equivalence Ms. Newkirk asserts between farm animals and Holocaust victims is outrageous and creepy. Mr. Boulding’s quote speaks to the center of Deep Ecology.

    As American’s we love fried chicken, barbequed chicken, chicken pot pie and chicken soup. Our system provides it for all, unlike the communist regimes around the world.

    The former Soviet Union couldn’t feed all their people, Cuba is having a hard time doing it and China probably can feed a couple hundred million, but my bet is over eight hundred million are on their own when it comes to feeding themselves.

    AS you read the quotes to follow you think, these are all old quotes from decades ago and you will be correct. When you read factual data from the past it’s called “History.” You are about to read the “history” of how we got from back then to where we are now.

    I present these quotes and my written opinion of each quote. At times I provide backup for what I say, but in total what I have written is my opinion formed by decades of searching and learning. As I’ve said before, I’m not a university graduate, but as you read all contained at this website, you’ll understand I’m a free American with enough common sense and life experience to write this “as I, one of the people, read and understand.” Some of the ruling class, the elites, the intellectuals, and the academics will scoff at my views, but that’s their opinion.