Seldom Heard Quotes – Intelligent Views – Part 4

“All things are poison and none without poison. Only the dose determines that a thing is not poison.”

Paracelsus, 16th Century physician


In 1979, a man drank 17 liters of water and died. The cause of death was cerebral edema and electrolytic disturbance due to excess water. This occurrence points out that too much of anything will harm you.

The environmentalists use this knowledge to their advantage in reporting their inflated results.  Environmentalist alarm tactics are enhanced by new technology that allows scientists to measure substances in very minute quantities.

The number zero is becoming an obsolete number.  If a known harmful substance increases from 6 parts per billion to 9 parts per billion, the environmental scientist can claim a 50% increase to support their scare tactics, and not be lying.  Peer review would not consider such a claim, but the media would eat it up.

Can you imagine how small six parts per billion is?  Do you realize that until the technology was invented that allows us to measure such minute quantities; measurements like these would have been equivalent to zero?

The environmentalists know that you don’t know how insignificant a quantity can be, but when they report it as a 50% increase, they’ve conned you!



“If the EPA’s conception of its mission is permitted to stand, it will be the single most powerful branch of government, having far greater direct control over our individual lives than Congress, or the Executive, or state and local governments.”

Irving Kristol
New York University, 1974


The EPA cannot be allowed to create regulations based on environmental lies, just as the EPA must not be allowed to erode the rights of property owners. Property rights are basic to a free people.

This year, EPA regulations will cost the taxpayers $130 billion.  The EPA has grown from a budget of $303 million and a staff of 3,860 originally, to a staff of over 18,000 and a budget of over $4.3 billion of your money annually. (In 1995 Dollars)




 “The world, during its least populous eras, suffered most from hunger and famine.”

“…myth of overpopulation is a form of attack on the free market, even though no more lawless and evil use of men and materials exists under socialism.”

Dr. Rousas Rushdoony
Six Crises – All Leading to World Government
November 1989

It is the human brain that creates the technology to combat and win over the forces that led to famine and diseases in the past. Insecticides like DDT eliminated malaria and yellow fever.

New concepts in harvest technology and science has allowed potato production to increase from 75 one hundred pound sacks per acre in 1920 to 275 sacks per acre by 1980.

That same technology has permitted increased food production to meet the demands of a growing population.



“To put asbestos in perspective, we should consider how it rates among other risks of daily life. The risk of succumbing to lung cancer from smoking just one cigarette a day is estimated to be at least 1,000 times greater. And the risk of dying in an automobile accident is 10,000 times greater.”

Wall Street Journal editorial
October 12, 1987

The August 24 issue of Time reported the following:

“The insurance industry will find no insulation from liability in the 86,000 pending asbestos cases, if a major decision in Baltimore, Maryland, is a guide.”

 “A jury in the largest such trial in American history ruled that four U.S. companies will have to pay punitive damages of up to 2 1/2 times their share of compensatory – or actual – damages.  Translated, that could mean more than $1 billion in payouts for GAF, the Keene Corp., Pittsburgh Corning and Porter Hayden Co., and their insurers.”
Who do you think really pays the bill?


“Available data do not support the concept that low level exposure to asbestos is a health hazard in buildings and schools.”

Science Magazine, January 1990

The paper also argued that removing asbestos is far more risky than any health benefits derived from removing it.


“ more serious scientists focus attention on the data used in creating the ‘global warming’ scare, the credibility of those who raised the issue has dwindled sharply.”

George Melloan in “Global View:
How About Some Concern Over Ecojournalism?”
Wall Street Journal, June 22, 1992

The media will fight to keep their media pseudo-scientists alive. CNN, TBS, PBS and the Discovery Channel are all continuing to support the environmentalist “tyrant’s” agenda.

During the month of August 2002, Americans were inundated with earth crisis specials warning us of everything from the “global warming” crisis to ozone depletion, poisoned fish, overpopulation, deforestation, the vanishing prairie, the benefits of being an Indian medicine man, and every other lie they could use as scare tactics to motivate American citizens to accept their environmentalist agenda.

And, to make sure they don’t miss the kids, TBS airs Captain Planeteer whose sole goal in life seems to be fighting evil corporate America, whose primary interest, on the other hand, appears to be polluting the planet.


“Eco-pessimism persists, more solid than environmental science, in part because it serves a political program. Some environmentalism is a “green tree with red roots.” It is the socialist dream–ascetic lives closely regulated by a vanguard of bossy visionaries – dressed up as compassion for the planet.”

George Will
Washington Post
May 30, 1992

There has been some trying to warn of the danger. Who is listening?


“Environmental sensitivity is now as required an attitude in polite society as is, say, belief in democracy or aversion to polyester.”

Charles Krauthammer
Time, June 17,1990

The artistic elite, political elite: the same batch of liberal separatists, has found the new environmental causes to be “worthy.”


“CFC’s come in a very poor last as the cause for lower levels of global ozone.”

Linwood Callis, Langley Research Center
NASA, Reason Magazine, June 1992
Page 30

Scientists are viewing the sunspot cycle, volcanic eruption and changing tropical wind patterns as a more likely cause of the appearance of ozone depletion.

When the amount of ozone over North America fluctuates naturally by as much as 50%, determining a decrease could very well be the result of what time of year  a reading is taken.

Alarmists know the media is waiting in the wings for any tragic pseudo-science to emerge. When the truth catches up with the premature news release, the retraction is given page 15 or ’round file’ status.


“Arguing the destruction of the ozone layer on the basis of one day’s, or a few weeks’, data is a bit like announcing the comeback of retail on evidence that takes Neiman-Marcus’s receipts from the day before Christmas and annualizes them.

Press Release: “Ozone Hole,” Review and Outlook
The Wall Street Journal, February 28, 1992

Our blundering senators hastily passed an amendment, 96 to 0, demanding that the ban on CFC’s be moved up. The President signed the bill into law the very next day!

This is what our scientific review process has become. A law passed in the United States of America because a NASA “news release” with data based on one flight of one aircraft. Our government “burned” the witch named CFC’s with as much evidence as was required in Salem to convict someone of witchcraft. All reason left them and only one course could be taken: that of the panic indicative of the true “idiots” we have representing us in Congress. Former Senator Gore (D-Tenn) a “leader” spoke out, “We have to tell our children that they must redefine their relationship to the sky, and they must begin to think of the sky as a threatening part of their environment.” This from a man who was the most “knowledgeable” congressman at the time, and who became the Vice President of the United States.

The predicted threat, the ozone hole, did not appear over America, and there is mounting evidence the “CFC” threat will turn out to be another environmental HOAX. Pseudo-scientific predictions and conclusions are constantly interrupted by the facts that nature inevitably provides.

But what did happen? Former Senator Gore chaired the Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Technology, which gives NASA its money. NASA was requesting an increased budget for its climate change program. Former Senator Gore’s book, Earth in the Balance, was published a few days before the NASA news conference, providing him with a baseball bat to motivate the President to go to Rio and sign the “Global Warming” treaty.

Way to go Mr. Gore!



“…actual records from a network of recording instruments set up in 1974 to measure ultraviolet light reaching the earth’s surface have shown a continuously decreasing penetration of from 0.5 percent to 1.1 percent per year.”

Dr. Dixy Lee Ray
i>Trashing the Planet

Just the opposite of what we might predict would happen, if in fact, ozone were depleting as rapidly as the pseudo-scientists’ tyrannical agenda would have us believe.