Seldom Heard Quotes Made by Environmental Leaders Part 1.5

“Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS,

we’d be against it”

Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, Vogue Magazine, September 1989


I don’t really think I have a comment for something as atrocious, heartless, wanton and inhumane as a statement like this one. Yet PETA along with HSUS collect millions in donations each year.


“Lets face it. We don’t want safe nuclear power plants. We want NO nuclear power plants.”

A spokesman for the Government Accountability Project,The American Spectator, Vol. 18, No. 11,                                     November 1985, page 10ff.

While pushing for lower CO2 emissions to save the planet from an alleged “global warming” catastrophe, environmentalists refuse to accept what most scientists know. Nuclear power is the safest alternative for humanity.

Since World War II, an estimated 44,000 people have been killed in coal mining accidents and many more injured. In the same time period, not one person has died as the result of a nuclear power accident in America.

They want NO nuclear power plants and will conjure up and perpetuate lies about nuclear power to achieve their goal.


“Scientists who work for nuclear power or nuclear energy have sold their soul to the devil. They are either dumb, stupid, or highly compromised.”

“Free enterprise really means rich people get richer. And they have the freedom to exploit and psychologically rape their fellow human beings in the process.”

“Capitalism is destroying the earth.”

“Cuba is a wonderful country. What Castro’s done is superb.”

Helen Caldicott, 1985, in Toxic Terror by Elizabeth Whelan, Jameson Books, Ottawa, IL, pages 53-54

Helen Caldicott, 1982, in Doctors Against Health, by Peter Beckmann, Golem Press, Box 1342, Boulder, CO 80306

 How Helen Caldicott Sold Her Soul by Servando Gonzalez


Statements taken from the above books were made by Helen Caldicott, a spokesperson for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a politically active, anti-nuclear group. People like her are often presented by the national media, like CNN, as speaking for science.

They do not speak for science.