Seldom Heard Quotes – Population Extremism, DDT & Pesticides – Part 6.2

“Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve (population) control.”

“One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of antidotes would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size.”

Paul Ehrlich
Population Bomb, 1968

This is an abomination proposed by a typically tyrannical environmental control freak, seeking power and change by using inhumane methods to achieve his goals. He has been wrong on every dooms day prediction he ever made and remains the darling of the environmental movement.


“To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world population problem.”

Lamont Cole

“This is as good a way to get rid of them as any.”

Charles Wursta
Chief Scientist
Environmental Defense Fund

Both quotes are from “Trashing the Planet” by Dixie Lee Ray

The Environmental Defense Fund led the attack on DDT in 1972. Mr. Wursta’s remark as quoted above refers to the banning of DDT. “Them” in his quote refers to the little people of color around the world.

Coincidentally, Africa was to be the next continent sprayed with DDT, but DDT was banned before that took place. I find it a huge coincidence that over the years no one talks about Malaria in Africa, but AIDS has come to the forefront. Call me suspicious, but evil people do evil things and expanding the definition of AIDS to include some Malarial vectors could be one way to bring attention to one while tamping down the other. This is pure speculation on my part, but I don’t trust the bastards.


“Joel Breman, Deputy Chief of the Malaria branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in
Atlanta, said malaria kills between 1.5 million and 2 million people each year.”

Jim Woolf
Salt Lake City Tribune Article
October 31, 1992

This statement was written after an interview I had when I spoke at the Blue Ribbon Coalition Meeting in Utah.

My statement reflected the fact that six years after the United States banned DDT; the lack of it worldwide had caused 800 million cases of malaria and eight million (8,000,000) malaria-related deaths per year.

The reporter called the Center for Disease Control to refute my statement.

To anyone who thinks logically, eight million deaths would make one suspicious of genocidal motives. However, two million human deaths might be acceptable for certain ecology-minded individuals to want to see in print.


“In order to stabilize world population, we need to eliminate 350,000 people per day. It’s a terrible thing to say, but just as bad not to say it.”

Jacques Cousteau
UNESCO Courier
November 1991

I remember watching Jacques Cousteau on TV and thinking he was the greatest. I guess he was just another environmental/ social elitist who thinks it’s NOT atrocious to advocate the ELIMINATION of 350,000 people a day. That’s over 125 million people a year!

Could this mean that environmentalist extremists want to ELIMINATE us in some manner to achieve their goal of less than one billion humans on earth?

It is possible, given the current world climate, that a vile of some chemical could kill millions in a matter of weeks. Are there other environmental tyrants like the late Jacques Cousteau and American Paul Erlich who might want that vile opened?

Do you know who all the extreme environmentalists are in your state?


“Rather dead than alive and riotously reproducing….”

Edwin J. Cohn, Agency for International Development
Office of Policy Development and Analysis
cited in Malaria Capers by Robert Desowitz, page 217

Quotes like Mr. Cohn’s make it obvious that there are those who feel they are above the rest of us and are willing to allow others to die, as long as it’s “natural.”

To achieve their tyrannical goals, they must modify science and technology with myth and deception designed to prove an ounce of truth in a 10-pound sack of lies.


“Most mosquitoes die when they bite someone, and get squashed. It thus makes sense for a mosquito to keep its biting to a minimum. It might also make sense for the malaria parasite to want its insect host to behave with some restraint, as the longer the insect is alive, the more opportunities the parasite has to be transmitted.”

Joel Koella and Margaret MacKinnon
Science Magazine, October 10, 1997
Page 223

HUH? A malaria parasite wants the mosquito to restrain itself so it will have a greater opportunity to get into our blood???

It is almost impossible for me to believe that a quote like this came from the pages of Science Magazine.

It is, however, another example of the caliber of scientist that mainstream America is listening to as we continue to ignore real science in our discussions.