Seldom Heard Quotes – Trees, Kids & Us – Part 5.2

“The planet is about to break out with fever; indeed it may already have, and we [humans beings] are the Disease. We should be at war with ourselves and our lifestyle.”

Thomas Lovejoy, Assistant Secretary,
Smithsonian Institute, quoted by David Brooks
Wall Street Journal, 1989

Anyone who would believe this statement has lost faith in the ability of humans to achieve.  Mr. Lovejoy and others like him really envision a doomsday ending to humanity, when what actually has preceded them in the history of humanity are great achievements that can be used to motivate humans to achieve even greater things.

Environmentalists espouse the essence of pessimism.

Their mothers must have given them their milk bottles half empty.


“The only way we can preserve and nurture other freedoms is by relinquishing the freedom to breed, and that very soon.”

Professor Garrett Hardin
in Science Magazine
December 13, 1968

Here is another pseudo-scientist who has given up on our ability to overcome adversity. Contrary to his beliefs, in the U.S. we have developed the means to support increasing human life. In the years 1938-1940, the average production of the seventeen most important foods, feed and fiber crops was 252 million metric tons annually. In the years 1978-1980, the average increased to 610 metric tons with only a 3% increase in cultivated area.

This was accomplished through the invention of modern pesticides and better crop management procedures. Without the new pesticides and technology, using the 1938-1940 technology, the new yield would have required an additional 437 million acres. This is equal to cutting out 73% more of our pastureland and 61% more of our forests.The biggest threat to economic and social progress is more government and its regulations.  In her book, The War Against Population, Dr. Jacqueline Kasun states, “better yields and/or the use of a larger share of the land area would support over 40 billion persons.”

But the eco-terrorists don’t want humans to succeed and reach for the stars. They would rather put us in socio-economic environmental bondage to ensure we don’t move a rock out of place.


“No more than 1% to 3 % of the Earth’s ice-free land is occupied by human beings, less than one-ninth is used for agricultural purposes.”

Jacqueline Kasun
Professor of Economics
Humbolt State University
in her book,
The War Against Population,
Ignatius Press, 1988

She also contends the earth could support as much as twenty- two times the current population at the current standard of living. Science and technology has fed the increase in population using our natural resources reasonably well.

Today, eco-terrorists like former Senator/VP Gore are trying to stop the natural evolution a third world country must endure to increase its standard of living. Their solution is a worldwide welfare system with you paying the bill. They propose to keep third world countries at poverty level to conserve the forests, and send them a welfare check for their forbearance.

We must allow the third world countries to progress, and we must share the fruits of our experience with them. In 1920 American farmers were getting 75 – 100 pound sacks of potatoes per acre. By 1980, it had increased over the years to 275 sacks per acre.

We can show the third world countries how to get there faster. They must provide food for their country. They will clear their forests for a while and maybe even in a destructive manner. We can show them how to get the most out of their land without being destructive. But they must be allowed to improve their economy without interference from the likes of former Senator/VP Gore and the rest of the anti-industrialization, anti-progress gang.


“If radical environmentalists were to invent a Disease to bring human populations back to sanity, it would probably be something like AIDS. It [AIDS] has the potential to end industrialism, which is the main force behind the environmental crisis.”

Earth First Newsletter, referenced in
Access to Energy, Vol 17, No. 4, December 1989

In his state of the nation speech on January 28th 2003, President Bush outlined a relief package that would aid the millions of humans infected by the AIDS virus in Africa. An estimated twenty three million have died so far.

I guess Earth First is getting their wish. This is only an indication of how insane and dedicated these activists are.


The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.”

Adolph Hitler

“If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it.”

Joseph Goebbels
Hitler’s Propaganda Chief

Although the only difference between these quotes is that one of these tyrants felt the “big lie” must be told more often to be believed. One thing is for sure, the “big lie” worked then and is working today.

The environmental movement is propelled by an avalanche of eco-lies made by regulatory psuedo-scientists and is used as fodder for more government control via environmental rules and regulations. America is under attack by people who believe in a socialist model for our world’s future.

Socialists learned many years ago that to get a free people to give up their rights, you must introduce fear that is more of a threat and more disastrous than losing your rights. During the cold war, the only hope the socialists had for a world controlled by the United Nations was fear of a nuclear holocaust. In 1962, in a United Nations report entitled “A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations,” the question was raised on how to control human behavior to accept a world controlled by the UN, if the Soviet Union were to collapse. The only possible solution, that was eventually offered, was the environmental model, but only if the people could be convinced of pending disaster.

1962 was the year the Environmental Protection Fund was established.
Some coincidence.


“NEA To Separate Parent & Child”
Phyllis Schlafly
Speak Up America
August 1995

The entire article she wrote follows:

The country’s most powerful and influential union gathered in Minneapolis over the Fourth of July weekend and set off its own brand of fireworks. Some 8,544 delegates to the National Education Association’s annual convention approved its usual list of extremist resolutions presented by the professionals who run this very political organization.

At least five resolutions manifest the NEA’s impassioned hostility to parents who make private school or home school choices. The NEA attacks home schooling, claiming that it is tolerable only if parents are licensed by the state and use a curriculum approved by the state education department. The NEA even opposes renting or selling abandoned public schools to a private school.

The NEA passed a strong resolution against what it calls “deleterious programs.” Want to guess what that means? No, it’s not violence on television or in the movies. The “deleterious programs” are “privatization, performance contracting, tax credits, vouchers, and evaluations of public schools by private groups.”

The NEA is obsequious in catering to its own very visible NEA Gay and Lesbian Caucus. The convention passed at least 15 resolutions addressing the sexual orientation issue.

The NEA demands “awareness” instruction about diverse sexual orientation “whenever sexuality and/or tolerance of diversity is taught.” This means the NEA wants teaching about homosexuality always to be part of sex education, and uses “diversity” as a code word for gay-lesbian teaching.

The NEA supports “ongoing training programs” to identify and eliminate “sexual orientation stereotyping.” The NEA demands a “Lesbian and Gay History Month as a means of acknowledging the contributions of lesbians, gays and bisexuals throughout history.”

The NEA demands that gay lesbian teaching be part of Family Life education, sex education and AIDS education. The NEA supports the right of teachers who have tested positive for HIV or have been diagnosed as having AIDS to be retained in the classroom and not transferred.

The NEA even wants public school training of pre-kindergartners to include “diversity based curricula” with “bias-free screening devices.” Pre-kindergartners in school! Yes, the NEA wants the taxpayers to take on baby-sitting “in the public schools for children from birth through age 8 culminating in “mandatory kindergarten with compulsory attendance.” Several resolutions reiterate that the NEA believes that “every child should- have direct and confidential access to comprehensive health, social, and psychological programs, services and care.” “Every” means “beginning at the pre-kindergarten level.” “Direct” means in the classroom. “Confidential” means confidential between the school and the child, not between the parent and child.

“Comprehensive” means complete with nonjudgmental teaching and explicit training in alternate life-styles, incest, AIDS, suicide and contraceptives. “Psychological” means counseling by school personnel who are not licensed psychologists (of course, without parental knowledge or consent).

The NEA demands, “school based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling” to children. That means contraceptive distribution and referrals to abortion providers.

The NEA endorses the entire feminist agenda, calling for the elimination of “sexism” from the curriculum, abortion (of course, funded by the taxpayers); “comparable worth” federally funded and regulated day care, and “gender-free career awareness” (a code slogan for role reversals and censoring out pictures of full-time homemakers).

This year, the NEA rechristened “global education” with the new name “multi-cultural education” which it defines as teaching children the “cultural diversity of U.S. citizenry” and “interdependency in sharing the world’s resources.” “Global” and “interdependent” are code words for teaching children not to be patriotic, “multi-cultural” means Western Civilization is bad, and “sharing the world’s resources” means U.S. taxpayers should finance the rest of the world.

The NEA is enthusiastic about Environmental Education, which is easier to insert into the curriculum than Global or Multi-cultural. Environmental Education is a vehicle to promote the ideology of overpopulation, the scarcity of “the Earth’s finite resources:’ the problem of endangered species and interdependence.

The NEA supports socialized medicine (which recognizes “domestic partners” as dependents), statehood for the District of Columbia, gun control, taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants, a national holiday honoring Cesar Chavez, ratification of the U.N. Treaty on the Rights of the Child, and a “substantial increase” in federal spending on public schools. The NEA deplores current efforts to make English our official language and to cut off taxpayer grants to persons who produce vulgar “art.”

In a new resolution called “Freedom of Religion,” the NEA opposes schools’ scheduling a moment of silence. The NEA even wants the purpose of Thanksgiving to be changed from thanking God to a celebration of “diversity.”

Given this agenda, it’s not surprising that the NEA opposes standardized testing that compares students, teachers, schools or districts with one another. The NEA even opposes “competency testing” for the hiring, evaluation, placement, or promotion of teachers.

Phyllis Schlafly is a nationally syndicated columnist.


“This court rejects the opinion testimony of Dr. Karl Morgan and Dr. John Gofman, because they both evince an intellectual dishonest invention of arguments to protect their opinion…. This is not a situation where the scientific community is equally divided between two respected schools of thought.  It is a case where there is a small but very vocal group of scientists, including Dr. Morgan and Dr. Gofman, that holds views not considered credible by experts in the field.”

Judge Patrick F. Kelly
United States District Court
in Kansas, November 1984

Not enough of this kind of action has taken place yet. It is time to hold the eco-terrorists to task. It is time to hold them accountable for the lies they perpetuate. It is time to make them take responsibility for de-frauding the American public.

The tactics used by the environmental movement, masking the truth, slanting a point, and manufacturing crises, must be stopped!

American’s did not die in wars to protect these kinds of freedoms.