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    1986 — MAPICS The Magazine

    Back in 1986 I was up to my ears in a number of business projects. One of the many projects I was working on was publishing a new magazine that was dedicated to IBM’s MAPICS* software. The link below will take you to the cover of the first magazine and the Publisher’s Comment.

    I have purchased the web site and we are in live test as of March 6th 2017. I have loaded all the magazines I published before I sold the magazine in July of 1988.  I’m doing it to leave the legacy of the magazine out there for those who are interested.


    Because the magazine was dedicated to the “users” of manufacturing software the overall theory used to implement any software is not out of date. I won’t say anymore here because the Publisher’s Comment explains what you need to know. Later I’ll be discussing other aspects of how it all started and other business projects I was involved with at the time.


    *Manufacturing, Accounting, Production, Information Control System was IBM’s premier business control system.