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    Posted by the Montana Resource Providers Coalition. Information provided by Intermountain Forest Industry

    In a surprise announcement of May 17, President Clinton publicly threatened to veto the Omnibus Recision legislation that contains the Emergency Salvage Amendment that would streamline and expedite the sale of dead and dying timber in national forests across the United States. Although the Omnibus bill passed the Senate 99-0 in its original form, the margin in the House was much closer, making the prospects of a veto override by the Congress difficult to assess. Environmental groups have flooded the White House with calls asking for a veto of the bill, because of its salvage provisions. For this reason we are urging supporters of the Emergency Salvage Amendment to call or fax the White House to send a strong message in favor of the bill’s passage.

    Tell the President:

    Federal forests throughout our region are overstocked with dead, dying and burned timber that needs to be removed to improve the health of the forest and ecosystem.

    Mention that thousands of working Americans and hundreds of small businesses will benefit directly from the sale of salvage timber.

    Note that the current timber sale process is simply too time-consuming and cumbersome to effectively confront the challenge of needed timber salvage on the national forests.

    Tell the President that special interest groups are already using every tactic at their disposal to stall subsequently stop timber salvage projects on federal lands.

    Finally tell the President he should support the salvage legislation and acknowledge the amendments bipartisan support. Tell him that he should recognize the good-faith efforts at Congressional compromise that occurred in the “conference” negotiations between the House and Senate.

    Call or Fax you comments to the President using the number listed below:


    MAIN LINE 202-

    FAX LINE 202-

    President Bill Clinton
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    This notice was posted by the Montana Resource Providers Coalition
    Phone # 406-387-4165/Fax 406-387-4262

    Information provided by Intermountain Forest Industry Association
    Phone # 208-667-4141

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